• Published on:  2/4/2019
  • Hey everyone! On today's vlog, I had a frozen vs. delivery pizza taste test challenge with my friends! I also bought locks for my pantry and fridge to keep myself from eating at night!PATREON► MERCH► PODCAST ► to Trisha's Channel ► to David's Channel ► check out some of my recent and best videos: Trisha Cuts My Hair ► and I Announce Something Big ► vs Stamos ► Tour Video ► vs Trisha►'s Birthday ► Ruins Our Vacation ► Our Relationship ► TO MY FAMILY CHANNEL ► TO THIS CHANNEL ►► ► ►@Jason23nashTWITTER► MOVIES: JASON NASH IS MARRIED ► ►fmlthemovie.comEnter the Party Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Code: W7WCI (get $10 in delivery credit!)


  • Samantha Shaughnessy
    Samantha Shaughnessy 6 months ago+1288

    What the heck was that editing when they were eating the pizza.......

    SOFIA FAZ 6 months ago+1159

    The Editing On This Video Pisses Me Off Lmfao

  • Ella Ringrose
    Ella Ringrose 6 months ago+651

    Conspiracy theory ... he did the editing bad so all the comments would be about the editing and not the drama 🧐 dun dun dun

  • Jacob Kimes
    Jacob Kimes 6 months ago+405

    Did you edit that part on bath salts

  • Sarah Reavis
    Sarah Reavis 6 months ago+204

    I literally think I am the only one who found humor in the pizza part😂

  • Stephanie Emerson
    Stephanie Emerson 6 months ago+141

    Jason: “I HATE waking you guys up when you’re sleeping. You look so peaceful, I never want to wake you for school”
    Also Jason: wakes kids up at 1:30 am for food with no signs of remorse

  • The only Viricole
    The only Viricole 6 months ago+132

    Fill your cupboards with healthy food so that no matter what when you go to get food it has to be healthy I promise it helps to change what your options are

  • David Collaguazo
    David Collaguazo 3 months ago+54

    Jeff sees all the pizzas
    Jeff: Eh New York pizza is way better.

  • Always Smile
    Always Smile 6 months ago+1182

    When I clicked this video, I went right away to the comment section.

  • Franziska schindler
    Franziska schindler 6 months ago+90

    what the heck happened with tha editing when they tried the Pizza?
    did he have a bit too much time on his hands?😂😂😂

  • Dana Dorso
    Dana Dorso 6 months ago+91

    jeff is from staten island we hate any pizza that isnt from NY

  • texting and edits
    texting and edits 5 months ago+25

    "I think that one just gave me cancer" Jeff 2K19

  • Mirza F Taher
    Mirza F Taher 6 months ago+108

    Came bcs Jeff is on the thumbnail

  • Philippe Parle Peu
    Philippe Parle Peu 6 months ago+882

    I feel like the editing in this video is trying to overwhelm my senses so I'll forget about the Trisha situation. 😂

  • Audra Hofacker
    Audra Hofacker 6 months ago+223

    This editing gets a no from me

  • BriBri Forever
    BriBri Forever 6 months ago+19

    “ Please turn this into a Gif or a Jif or..... a Jeff “

  • Megsing x
    Megsing x 4 months ago+22

    Anyone else lowkey think wyatt (sorry if I spelt that wrong) looks like David????!!!

  • Jaii gogetit
    Jaii gogetit 6 months ago+144

    next vid: addressing the deleted video addressing the deleted videos :)

  • Kk Kk
    Kk Kk 6 months ago+38

    Jason, stay away from Trisha. She chooses not to get help, and she continues to cause you misery and drama in your life. Please, just break up and cut her out!

  • shadowk14fan1
    shadowk14fan1 6 months ago+10

    did jason get bored during editing skssksksksksk WTH was that pizza segment