So This is Basically Kingdom Hearts



  • JelloApocalypse
    JelloApocalypse  3 months ago+3766

    That Marluxia bit after the credits was improv but I liked it so much I threw it in there anyways. CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE TRIAL OF VRV!

  • Flaming_ Neo
    Flaming_ Neo a minute ago

    It actually still made sense.

  • Mage Hikari
    Mage Hikari 52 minutes ago

    And somehow, you’ve managed to make Marluxia even more creepier than Vexen to me. Congratulations.

  • Aka The Flailing Chicken
    Aka The Flailing Chicken 59 minutes ago

    But they eat ice cream.... lmao.

  • Michael Mello
    Michael Mello an hour ago+1

    A fanfiction written by a monkey

  • MyNameIs Kitten
    MyNameIs Kitten 4 hours ago

    Goofy, why would you betray us, we were supposed to be friends!!!
    am i the only one who laughed at that?

  • GingerK Games
    GingerK Games 5 hours ago

    This was amazing lol

  • Charlie Crooner
    Charlie Crooner 5 hours ago

    Lmfao do you know It’sAGundam? You remind me of him.

  • MAC time_
    MAC time_ 6 hours ago

    I hated the story from the very beginning as a kid I just liked the fighting really. and the only emotional investing I had on the story as a kid was hoping Sora would bang Kairi instead of Riku.... like the non-questionable truthful Bible says.

  • Humboogu The Gallant

    "I'm Foygoox!"
    *Pauses video to silently laugh and shed tears*

  • Christopher Hatch
    Christopher Hatch 23 hours ago

    Kurmitt de Frog is the hardest secret boss to fight

  • Vezex 5
    Vezex 5 yesterday


  • Ethan S
    Ethan S yesterday

    How dare.....

  • Billionare Boy
    Billionare Boy yesterday

    I would love to see a evil goofy..that would be a huge ass twist

  • C a r i n a P
    C a r i n a P yesterday

    I love it

  • Rami Sohail
    Rami Sohail yesterday

    Removing the subtitles from donald is darkness itself

  • AshKing Omega
    AshKing Omega yesterday

    Sir u r a bag of dicks

  • Spring Pony
    Spring Pony yesterday

    so this is basically Danganronpa would be funny. Just saying...
    Don't shit on me plz

  • Edgar Astorga
    Edgar Astorga yesterday

    You seriously suck the fun out of everything

  • Eriq Scott
    Eriq Scott yesterday

    "watch me remove the subtitles so no one can understand Donald anymore ncjskw tndmlslapwodjfnbbcbxnnakekdjc" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂