Quantum Computing Expert Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty | WIRED



  • Accidental Genius
    Accidental Genius 4 months ago+6846

    Level 6: Minecraft Redstone Engineers.

  • Y sh
    Y sh 2 months ago+2903

    the grad student looks like he's immune to pain and emotion

  • 周玮萌
    周玮萌 2 days ago+178

    Expert: What does it look like to you?
    The graduate: Sure

  • dbl Aa
    dbl Aa 1 months ago+1617

    scientist - this is a quantum computer, it's cool af (literally and figuratively) and it's fast af
    child - ooooo, shiny!
    teen - but can it get me a bunch of likes tho?
    undergrad - ok sweet but i need this in my dorm
    grad - sure
    fellow scientist - my eyes are in a quantum superposition of being both open and closed simultaneously

  • Bojan Cubra
    Bojan Cubra yesterday+144

    The professional guy looks like he just smoked a quantum joint

  • Bryce Castelberg
    Bryce Castelberg a years ago+5347

    there is a 0% chance that little girl knows what pink panther is

  • megabigblur
    megabigblur 2 months ago+458

    When she gets to the 5th person who's actually on her level the conversation takes a quantum leap.

  • Dan Suno
    Dan Suno 23 hours ago+16

    I watch rick and morty and I'm a Redstone engineer, I understood over 9000% of this video

  • Musarrat Amin
    Musarrat Amin yesterday+7

    Something about the grad face reminds me of Benedict Cumberbatch

  • SaNapa
    SaNapa 4 days ago+207

    Me: How old are you?
    Dr. Talia Gershon : somewhere between 18 to 65

  • sighage
    sighage 2 days ago+11

    If I could give a million thumbs up, I would!
    The best discussion was Level 5: Professional.

    KIMATHI'S GREAT ADVENTURE 2 months ago+480

    Today- quantum computer the size of a room.
    Some years later-Samsung Galaxy quantum edition

  • Mr. Prime
    Mr. Prime 2 months ago+176

    scientist: this is a quantum computer
    kid: ....A condom
    scientist: yEaHhhhh

  • Michael Miklos
    Michael Miklos 20 hours ago+6

    Expert: "Anyone can use this in the cloud!"
    Me: < looks for the quantum computer link in the description>

  • 747lch
    747lch a years ago+1647

    I know everyone is memeing in the comments, but this lady is awesome and explained this really, really well.

  • SnowBear
    SnowBear 5 days ago+163

    the guy at the end is a legend. he reeks of intelligence.

  • Gabriel Tiossi
    Gabriel Tiossi yesterday+4

    In 30 years this video will be cringy to watch

  • Gabriel Ocasio
    Gabriel Ocasio 19 hours ago+1

    Anyone else think that Dr. Talia is pretty attractive? Just me? Okay cool.

  • Kicks Solid
    Kicks Solid 2 days ago+14

    She said there’s access to the quantum computer through the cloud if we want to get involved. Where’s the link to the cloud WIRED?

  • Sigmav
    Sigmav a years ago+14799

    But can it run Internet Explorer?