SHUTTER ISLAND (2010) Ending Explained + Analysis

  • Published on:  7/20/2018
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  • Moses
    Moses 11 months ago+2100

    This guy is saving me a minimum of 50 bucks per month.

  • Bonzi Buddy
    Bonzi Buddy a years ago+687

    And yet it still took Leo getting mauled by a bear to get his Oscar.

  • Shanelle Warner
    Shanelle Warner a years ago+1605

    So I just watched this movie and this movie was a total twist . This movie is now one of my favorites and Leo should have won an Oscar for his performance .

  • Jay Xiong
    Jay Xiong 4 months ago+581

    "Once you're declared insane, then anything you do is called part of that insanity. Reasonable protests are denial. Valid fears, paranoia." -Rachel Solando (cave).
    After watching this movie and the doctors declaring Teddy is Andrew and insane. Everyone (audience) instantly declares Teddy as insane and disregards him as a Marshal and everything he does or says even if they rewatch it. Mindfucked.

  • GenreChowderStudios
    GenreChowderStudios 8 months ago+644

    Andrew: I can’t stand the sight of water.
    Also Andrew: Lemme splash my face with some water right quick.

  • Aidan Petre
    Aidan Petre a years ago+230

    Notice how fire is a motif of deception and water is truth

  • Gibbzy Dan
    Gibbzy Dan 10 months ago+467

    I will be honest...I was a die hard believer in the fact that Leo was sane and he was drugged and convinced he was crazy. I based all of this on when he was interviewing the lady patient and after she sent his partner for water she wrote "run!" on a piece of paper. I have since let go of this theory.

  • Salt And Vinegar
    Salt And Vinegar a years ago+677

    Just a minor but interesting detail, when we see the Nazi lying on the floor bleeding out, in the background is playing a song that was by a Jewish person, which is unlikely to happen irl as we know how the Nazis interacted with Jews, this further proving that Andrew is a unreliable narrator

  • Becky Sweet
    Becky Sweet a years ago+203

    I thought people were lighting his cigarette was a hint to him being the patient, not the fire? Who knows

  • Rex Longfellow
    Rex Longfellow a years ago+64

    This may sound pretentious af, but Andrew's descent into the facility where they keep the most dangerous patients was kinda like him metaphorically descending into the suppressed part of his mind.
    Or it's just a cool-ass scene.

  • Saturn-splainer
    Saturn-splainer 4 months ago+127

    I find it funny that the "Would you rather live as a monster or die a hero?" qoute is being said to the guy who in two years would play The Hulk.
    (And yes, I know the actor's name.)

  • Becky Sweet
    Becky Sweet a years ago+172

    Do you think teddy’s vision of Rachel in the cave and the ‘army of ghosts’ relates to his time in the war? That these ghosts can do things “a sane man wouldn’t” as in murder of children etc...

  • Steven Velasco
    Steven Velasco a years ago+47

    I like to imagine that the physician doesn't let DiCaprio commit suicide by doctor and has the lobotomy called off like a minute after the credits roll lmao

  • Friends Of Red Demi
    Friends Of Red Demi a years ago+88

    I love this movie. Really stuck with me, I always felt that he chose to be lobotomized in the end

  • Nathan Dimps
    Nathan Dimps a years ago+61

    You should make a gameflix channel where you explain horror games or just play them👌

  • Bunny Ninja
    Bunny Ninja 11 months ago+52

    This movie was one giant roller coaster.

  • matthew kirkland
    matthew kirkland a years ago+340

    One of the hardest mind f***ks I have ever had from a movie

  • Mysteri0usChannel
    Mysteri0usChannel 8 months ago+52

    So this dude suffers from PTSD, psychosis, DID and multiple phobias at the same time... Jeez...

  • BabeOfCakes
    BabeOfCakes 3 months ago+75

    No matter how many FUCKING times I watch this movie. I can always watch it from teddy and Andrews perspective and it works so well both ways at the exact same time. I still want it to be my boi teddy.

  • theghettovaquero
    theghettovaquero a years ago+186

    I swear with ur reviews i aint got to watch these movies