• Published on:  9/17/2018
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  • Dhruv Mathur
    Dhruv Mathur 11 months ago+554

    Owning a broken ferrari at age 24!!!

  • SavageMark
    SavageMark 11 months ago+187

    Your thumbnails are ridiculous. You just throw in a random arrow and type "no"

  • Anaswar Jayakumar
    Anaswar Jayakumar 11 months ago+197

    Welp Parker spends 700k on his new Ferrari and it breaks down within two weeks of delivery

  • GlassBomb
    GlassBomb 11 months ago+295

    Issues only happen with super cars when they are not being driven.

  • Lambo Lapdog
    Lambo Lapdog 11 months ago+479

    Lamborghini + German influence = reliability 😎🔥

  • krin0id
    krin0id 11 months ago+119

    Sounds about Ferrari

  • Greg G
    Greg G 11 months ago+63

    Next video. How I burned down my second Ferrari.

  • StrangeClouds
    StrangeClouds 11 months ago+52

    Next Video: SELLING MY 700K FERRAI AT THE AGE OF 24!

  • Srinivas Iyengar
    Srinivas Iyengar 11 months ago+113

    Last time I was this early you crashed ur gallardo lol

  • My Corvette Life
    My Corvette Life 11 months ago+226

    So Stradman just got a Murci!

  • mdmoore23
    mdmoore23 11 months ago+46

    I still dont understand why exotic car owners just willingly accept the blatant quality issues with those cars. In This era of cars, that should no longer be acceptable. Ferrari has one of the highest profit margins of any automaker. Any issue occurring at 2000 miles or less is unacceptable. Hold these guys accountable!

  • fractal
    fractal 11 months ago+120

    Welcome to Ferrari ownership

  • Parke B.
    Parke B. 11 months ago+106

    IMO Ferrari’s will always be a bit fragile. If you want a bullet proof super car, go v10 Lamborghinis or Porsches. I personally own a 1979 911 turbo dubbed the 930 and I have 91,000 miles on it and it runs great

  • Dan Hrubes
    Dan Hrubes 11 months ago+35

    i guess it would behoovie you to get this Ferrari checked so it doesnt spontaneously combust

  • Tyrese725
    Tyrese725 11 months ago+66

    I know im to about to be clicked baited but imma watch it anyways😂💀💀

  • Resist the Lies
    Resist the Lies 11 months ago+13

    DDE has proven Huracan's can take a beating.

  • D-Nall
    D-Nall 11 months ago+8

    Parker is good at overheating Ferraris

  • Big J
    Big J 11 months ago+56

    All cars have issues man.. You'll be fine!

  • Sepcakefooyman
    Sepcakefooyman 11 months ago+11

    “ goshdamn “- Parker 2018

  • Spencer Zintak
    Spencer Zintak 11 months ago+20

    Alright I love the channel but can we please please please change the outro music already?