15 Strange Rules Disney Makes Marvel Actors Follow

  • Published on:  7/21/2019
  • Weird Things Disney Forces All Their MCU Actors To Do

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    If you were forced to eat chicken and salad all day, spend a few hours in the gym each day and occasionally be taken to the middle of nowhere in an unmarked van to appear in a movie, would you do it? Would you even be able to do it? Probably not, eh? Well, how about we throw in a 7 figure or 8 figure salary just for following all of these rules and, you know, being a world class actor? Oh, now you’re interested? All you guys care about is the money!

    According to Chris Hemsworth, it’s actually illegal to appear in a movie by the Distinguished Competition. Doing so may land you up to 20 years in prison, or so we’ve been told. You also definitely shouldn’t spoil any information on upcoming MCU films. That’s a big no no, ain’t that right Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo? Trust us, they’d know. Also, just hitting the gym isn’t enough. You even have to train to become a competent martial artist and it’s definitely not for everyone. That being said, Disney and Marvel Studios can pretty much whip anyone into shape, including Chris Pratt.

    These are just some of the absolutely ridiculous rules every MCU actor has to follow because Disney said so and there are so many to go through, so enjoy the video, let us know what rule you think is the strangest in the comments section below and don’t forget to subscribe to CBR for more MCU content.


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