What's inside a Tesla Tire?



  • JerryRigEverything
    JerryRigEverything a years ago+5368

    Ive never seen that stuff inside a tire before! Super smart of Tesla. Way fun project. Thanks for letting me use my knife!

  • Farrukh Shaikh
    Farrukh Shaikh a years ago+5291

    Thats pirelli tyre technology not tesla .

  • Zachary King
    Zachary King 6 months ago+313

    Russian accent* safety is number one priorty

  • aidgam1
    aidgam1 5 months ago+183

    Tires scratch at a Level 6, with deeper grooves at a level 7.

  • -]Na[-NoMaD
    -]Na[-NoMaD 6 months ago+257

    Tesla has nothing to do with tire tech.

  • Lottie KJ
    Lottie KJ 7 days ago+6

    Every time he said "tesla tyre" instead of "Pirelli tyre" my soul hurt. Most luxary car brands use these tyres.

  • Andrew Molina
    Andrew Molina 7 months ago+434

    When you run out of things to waste money on.

  • Mastrogamez
    Mastrogamez 4 months ago+51


  • Aishah Amir
    Aishah Amir 2 months ago+18

    What's inside a Tesla Model X

  • DexterYT
    DexterYT 7 days ago+2

    Not even me:
    What's inside a Tesla tire?

  • Alex & Erika
    Alex & Erika 6 days ago+3

    I just stopped by because Casey has a nail in his tire..... 😀👍

  • ruqia rafique
    ruqia rafique 1 months ago+5

    Money wasted trying to open things for People to watch=99..........
    Profits💲: 📉

  • willmatic 84
    willmatic 84 6 months ago+3

    🤔 um I could buy foam pads from Walmart and glue them in my tire

  • TyrannyTerminator
    TyrannyTerminator 2 days ago

    It is just sound proofing to minimize road noise. Bentley’s, Mercedes S Class OE tires have that too.

  • wishuhadmyname
    wishuhadmyname 2 months ago+4

    Which Discount tire did you go to? I've work at Discount Tire for a year and a half and I can recall doing 2 separate flat repairs on foam-lined tires. Tesla was correct in saying that, to repair the hole, you just cut away the section of foam and then glue it back on. Again, I've done it twice.
    If that foam was indeed what the Discount Tire employee was referencing when he said the flat couldn't be repaired, he was obviously wrong.
    Also, a bit of trivia: That foam does make the ride quieter and I've seen foam-lined tires on Teslas, Cadillacs, and Mercedes SUVs. They're not unique to Teslas

  • The_Kid
    The_Kid 11 months ago+489

    Elon personally fills each tire with blunt smoke.

  • harry McClure
    harry McClure 7 days ago+2

    Hey what's inside, what's the name of the background music u used

  • Cypher Modz
    Cypher Modz 1 months ago+2

    Lol when they try to make the thumbnail seem as if there is some sort of secret smoke that stays inside the Tesla tire 😂😂 ffs

  • Train tube
    Train tube 4 months ago+3

    You posted this on my birthday just found out in 2019

  • me too
    me too 4 months ago+5

    Saftey mention as he puts on safety glass while holding and open blade. 😄