Software lo Inthe | Shanmukh Jaswanth

  • Published on:  9/12/2018
  • This video is just for fun. We are humbly dedicating this to all the Software employees. We feel you bro. Written & Directed by : Subbu KDOP : Vinay Shanmukh & Vamsi SrinivasEditing: Sai BabaCast : Shanmukh jaswanth, Mehaboob Dilse, Mukka Prudhvi, Mahishmathi, Satvik Roy, Please follow us at : allows you to talk and make friends with people from over 190 countries. Over 100 million downloads worldwide!More than 20 billion matches. Featured in Google Play Store in over 130+ countries! Download Azar Now:


  • shaik sharief
    shaik sharief 11 months ago+13

    Video kirrak fasak😄😄
    (What a english hailet scene in this video)

  • Vijay tej siyyadri
    Vijay tej siyyadri 11 months ago+11

    I can't stop laughing bro... Nuvvu keka👌👌👌

  • dr infinity
    dr infinity 11 months ago+8

    Mari enta sepu......
    Pedda bhootu..

  • vision 2020
    vision 2020 11 months ago+62

    shanmukh u r awesome perofrmance....really fasak ur attitude....we all r fasak batch....! shanmukh very nice....! keep it up

  • Spaarx Creations
    Spaarx Creations 11 months ago+468

    Background lo Youtube Silver BADGES..
    Amazon lo order icchara bhayyaaa😂😂😂😂

  • Niharika Tota
    Niharika Tota 11 months ago+39

    superb shannu we always love your videos keep going with fantastic videos 😍😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😘

  • Moonlight0810
    Moonlight0810 3 months ago+4

    Jubliee hills...Madhapur aaa office :D

  • Naresh Rao
    Naresh Rao 11 months ago+4

    Fasakkk video dedicated to Banana naaa shannnumukh

  • kiran reddy
    kiran reddy 7 months ago+12

    Ah ammayi evaru ra babu
    Cast lo kuda name include cheyyaley 😑

    HAREESS 11 months ago+14

    Bhayya shanmukh u always Rocks u have bright future in Future 😎

  • Raj Hari
    Raj Hari 3 months ago+1

    Worst life software
    King maker mechanical engineering

  • sindhu bujii
    sindhu bujii 11 months ago+24

    Nice action shanmukh Garu superb action and nice video

  • rama charan
    rama charan 11 months ago+28

    4:55 Second's Back Becker's Asking Topper Question 😂😂

  • Mr Jakku
    Mr Jakku 11 months ago+189

    Shannu anna like and reply asko ☝🏿☝🏿

  • Bharath Reddy
    Bharath Reddy 11 months ago+2

    Jaswanth super expression,, dialogue timing keka bro,,😆😆👌👌👍I like ur acting

  • Ragada Chandu
    Ragada Chandu 10 months ago+1

    Shanmuk bayya super keep go ahead. Porapaatuna kudaa sunainaatho videos cheyaku

  • Nishanth Akash
    Nishanth Akash 10 months ago+2

    Why so many FUSAAAK.. 😂😂😂😂

  • Yasaswini Parupalli
    Yasaswini Parupalli 3 months ago+10

    Shannu i love ur performance and u r really handsome ,🎼

  • Minni 2201
    Minni 2201 11 months ago+106

    Hahaha😂😂ni laga interview chese..boss vunte..faasaak a ega😘😘😘😎😂😂😂love u shannu😘😘😘😘😘😘😘osm vedio😊😉😉

  • itsme sravs
    itsme sravs 11 months ago+1

    Alt-tab aite everyone will connect 😜😜