Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 32 Actors' Accents | WIRED



  • lildrummerboy65
    lildrummerboy65 2 years ago+10286

    You know I thought this guy was gonna be super pretentious but he just very knowledgeable and gracious with his criticism.

  • ddblue0
    ddblue0 4 months ago+3549

    "Who the f*ck let this happen"
    Yeah, pretty much XD

  • Kamogelo Mokoena
    Kamogelo Mokoena 4 months ago+1878

    The fact that you actually hit the click sound in “Xhosa” when describing Mandela’s accent impressed me so much.

  • cortesej2
    cortesej2 4 months ago+1795

    5:05 did he just imply that Nick Cage preps for his roles?

  • James Sutton
    James Sutton 1 months ago+1202

    Breakfast at Tiffany's: "Who the f*ck let this happen?"
    That was a beautiful examination of the accent.

  • admthrawnuru
    admthrawnuru 7 days ago+239

    Very disappointed that you only did Brad Pitt's accent when speaking English in inglorious basterds. His Italian was spot on :P

  • Jacob Tefft
    Jacob Tefft 2 days ago+13

    Does anyone get super Denis Reynold vibes off this guy

  • top kek
    top kek 2 days ago+9

    Was looking forward to Robert Downey Jr’s Lincoln Osiris African-American accent xd :(

  • Daniel Fury
    Daniel Fury 17 hours ago+3

    I didn't know that the Ice Truck Killer was a Dialogue Accent expert.

  • Namia
    Namia 2 years ago+1768

    Japan - "Who TF let This Happen" As Someone Who Is Japanese I Couldn't Agree More 💀

  • DrarryForever
    DrarryForever 4 months ago+820

    Can you review every non-Scottish accent James McAvoy has done? I'm curious how spot on he actually is.

  • ChicHorror
    ChicHorror 4 months ago+253

    I'd love to know what he thinks of Hugh Laurie's accent in House.

  • Smokey Gaming UK
    Smokey Gaming UK 3 months ago+425

    Brad Pitts accent in Snatch is not Belfast. It's Irish Traveller and its almost perfect.

  • Yeet
    Yeet yesterday+5

    Dennis Reynolds showcasing his vocal ability

  • The Internet Is For Cats
    The Internet Is For Cats 4 months ago+3021

    I've noticed that Australians and English people can fake an American accent with relative ease but it never works the same in reverse.

  • zach winfield
    zach winfield yesterday+2

    Dudes an accent expert and doesn't even know what a Belfast accent sounds like smh

  • pavel brodskiy
    pavel brodskiy 3 months ago+441

    This guy is really good. Very specific and constructive criticism.

  • Mícheál Mac an tSionnaigh
    Mícheál Mac an tSionnaigh 3 months ago+167

    That was not a Belfast accent that was an Irish traveler accent Brad Pitt was portraying 😂😂😂 by the way he nailed the traveler accent spot on

  • The Aft Deck
    The Aft Deck 19 hours ago+1

    please review jodie comer's accents in Killing Eve! they seem amazing!!

  • Mikko Lund
    Mikko Lund 2 years ago+2715

    Me before clicking the video: ''Damn, it's over 16 minutes long, too much, but maybe I'll check little bit.''
    Me after the video: ''Wow, that was interesting, I want more''