70th Emmy Awards: Backstage LIVE! with Henry Winkler

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • Marc Istook speaks with Henry Winkler about his win for Barry.


  • kohatencl
    kohatencl 11 months ago+4

    What a nice human being. No wonder he doesn't win many awards.

  • Aaditya Bhattacharya
    Aaditya Bhattacharya 11 months ago+3

    God I love him , he is so incredible in Barry.

  • Alan M
    Alan M 11 months ago+1

    Great job fonz! Am so happy he finally won!😎👍👍👍

  • U Dac
    U Dac 11 months ago

    Yay, so happy to see Marc Istook!

  • Alfonzo Tyson
    Alfonzo Tyson 8 months ago

    Met Henry in person, truly one of the nicest guys on he planet. Considering that I was named after the Fonz in 1974, I couldn't have been more happier for him!