How We Could Build a Moon Base TODAY – Space Colonization 1

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
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    Did you know that we could start building a Lunar Base today?

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    How We Could Build a Moon Base TODAY


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  • NPC 1337
    NPC 1337 an hour ago

    Can you please get rid of the brown people in these videos.

  • Yep Tonight
    Yep Tonight an hour ago

    This video made me cry for some reason

  • jdfc 155
    jdfc 155 6 hours ago

    If all the worlds wealthiest individuals got together and payed at least a billion a year to nasa for this, it could be possible to start development after 2 years or so.

  • M.A. R
    M.A. R 8 hours ago

    Would it be possible to build a structure on the moon as large as a city that has air and all that other good stuff? An artificial atmosphere?

  • anis jerbi
    anis jerbi 11 hours ago

    I've heard that there are tunnels under the surface of the moon where the temperature is livable. We should just put oxygen. But that would be a very good shield against meteorites too. I'm 15 but i like space exploration🙂

  • Tony Coppotelli
    Tony Coppotelli 11 hours ago

    Can't we jump straight to phase 3.

  • Aun Shan
    Aun Shan 12 hours ago

    But tge resources on the moon which will be used for people to stay on it, what will they do when everything finishes plus moon is too small

  • iDunnoGames
    iDunnoGames 13 hours ago+1

    What is up, dramalert nation, leeeeetttsss get riiiiiiiiiigggght into the neeeewwwwwwws

  • Sam Miake-Lye
    Sam Miake-Lye 15 hours ago

    5:00 - Earth's Moon has less gravity so the export to Earth could be dance and choreography desu.

  • Sam Miake-Lye
    Sam Miake-Lye 15 hours ago

    3:20 - First Nations is a term that refers to Native Americans. They were in the Americas long before 1500 Common Era.

  • root9065
    root9065 17 hours ago

    Right now sending 3 people up to the space station if a Soyuz blows up is an insurmountable challenge. Moon base? Yeah.

  • Aimen Obaid
    Aimen Obaid 21 hours ago


  • Niko Lindroos
    Niko Lindroos 21 hours ago

    Dont let north korea in

  • Peter Richard-Johnson

    Two problems I can see
    1 space junk would increase and make it harder to leave earth unless we find a way to safely and efficiently clean up space junk
    2 the moon is constantly being bombarded with small rocks that would smash through any buildings

  • Kovalt
    Kovalt yesterday+1

    I love the animation in these videos

  • zoondork
    zoondork yesterday

    when a bird can plan a moon base better than the government

  • Riaz Miah
    Riaz Miah yesterday+1

    ''and the only way to guarantee our survival as a species should something tragic happen on Earth''
    My reaction to that: Its not the ONLY WAY !

  • jokerss jokess
    jokerss jokess yesterday

    I would first start making a Base underwater

  • Mark Denver
    Mark Denver yesterday

    Wow that's awesome to build a moon base