How We Could Build a Moon Base TODAY – Space Colonization 1

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
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  • Pepins Spot 3 days ago

    NASA just announced they are going to establish a base on the Moon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Philippe B 17 days ago

    Plz make socks !

  • poncho. 2 months ago

    The first person to be born on the Moon will be a Lunatic.

  • Jillian Smith 3 hours ago

    Ryde Mk: it's also a very OLD pun. It was bandied about in the early 60s and was used seriously in centuries before that. People who slept in the light of the moon were considered at terrible risk of becoming "LUNAtics," that is affected by that possibly dire light. That's where the term "lunatic" comes from, a VERY old term. ...

  • Sealy gamer 10 days ago

    He would drink lots of MOONshine

  • xXx_Franklin_xXx 1 months ago

    2050:the moon is flat

  • Splatterson Gamer 12 days ago


  • Glacier 21 days ago

    The Franklin Gamers 2050:

  • Luke Flavel 1 months ago

    We did it Kurzgesagt! A moon base is planned for 2024

  • BG 105 11 minutes ago

    @Jillian Smith but it doesn't mean other countries won't colonize the moon. Not all hope is lost.

  • Jillian Smith 19 minutes ago

    BG 1`05: Yeah, I think so. He loves to announce things publicly and then quietly quash them or let them die. I wouldn't put this man in charge of a goldfish.

  • SnicksYT 1 months ago

    NASA: Hey, let's colonize the moon.USA: No thanks. I'm good.NASA: *they have oil on the moon*USA: TIME TO LIBERATE THE MOON!

  • Jillian Smith 2 hours ago

    There is shit on the moon. I mean that figuratively.

  • Agent Zuckerberg 5 days ago

    There is ice on the moon

  • SunlightBlade 9 months ago

    PLEASE can humans hurry up and make this happen, I swear if I die before we build a base on the moon i'm going to be so pissed

  • Zures 6 days ago


  • Mehreen Malik 10 days ago

    It’s happening in 2024!

  • Dystressy 1 months ago

    Whos looking at this after seeing NASA's planned moonbase video?

  • Jeff Vader 4 days ago

    @Dawson Toulouse I hope so.

  • Durrhur 12 days ago

    @Dawson Toulouse I still can't believe that they get 0.5% a year from the budget of the US.

  • Zack Fox 2 months ago

    The world: Oh shit there’s oil on the moonAmerica: We choose to go to the moon not because it is easy, but for your freedom

  • Benjamin Nyqvist 10 days ago

    @Abhishek Biradar fuck me, you americans are really stupid, no wonder 20% of your kids doesnt even get basic schooling, lol

  • Ebola Jenkins 16 days ago

    @Abhishek Biradar k

  • Gewel ✔ 2 months ago

    Kurzgesagt: "we can't just go to the moon right now"Elon Musk: "well yes, but actually no"

  • Peeps The Youtuber 1 months ago

    Nasa: “Well no, but actually yes”

  • ImABigTumor 1 months ago

    Bruno Bielecki it says at the end of the video when they introduce the website

  • Crash BandiWoah a months ago

    _3 months later_NASA: We'll do it by 2024