Felony Disenfranchisement: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on:  9/9/2018
  • Many people with felony convictions are unfairly prohibited from voting, and the worst state for this — surprise — is Florida.

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  • jan rees
    jan rees 43 minutes ago

    It's not like they could vote for a crazy demegog who incites people to violence and seperates kids from their parents and tells lies all the time... Oh, wait.
    But seriously, they don't have that many opinions on the ballot so why not let them vote for 1 of the 2 candidates.
    They can't vote for themselves or another convicted criminal.
    Are they worried about the ex-felons will vote for the wrong politician that's already on the ballot?
    Doesn't make any sense.

  • Steven Deaville
    Steven Deaville 4 hours ago

    Rick Scott is a worthless puddle of shit!

  • Bimal Mishra
    Bimal Mishra 6 hours ago

    John and scum birds of a feather. A person is identified by the causes he espouses.

  • Kevin Ray
    Kevin Ray yesterday+1

    Florida returned voting rights to felons this past midterm...an estimated 1.4 million felons received their voting rights back. My point being - Florida has roughly a fifth of the felons out of the entire U.S. Duuuval for life lmao two of those videos were from Jacksonville hahah I fuckin love my state so much.

    MAKKA PAKKA 4 days ago

    your fortnite dance in Youtube Rewind has left me permanently scarred

  • Shaun Dreclin
    Shaun Dreclin 4 days ago +1

    How the fuck can you tax people and not let them vote? I say if you're going to disenfranchise somebody, they don't need to pay taxes either.
    Want their money? You have to accept their ballot too.

  • where's the jump button

    I think white collar crimes are the only ones that shouldn't be able to vote.... a politician isn't going to campaign with the slogan "I'll make rape legal", but a politician may be running to make white collar crimes less illegal.... something to ponder

  • Jordan F
    Jordan F 7 days ago

    Blacks, just stop committing crimes. Easy.

  • Chris Read
    Chris Read 11 days ago

    What a garbage state

  • woody280486
    woody280486 13 days ago

    RIck Scott's picture resembles a creepypasta
    Thanks a lot you scary motherfucker!

  • Bob Simon
    Bob Simon 13 days ago

    It's strange that i am unable to watch the newest videos released by this channel, I currently live in the UK and I was wondering why? Why it is that i cannot watch the newest Videos

  • Gideon Bellamy
    Gideon Bellamy 14 days ago+1

    Is no one else going to mention that palm tree?

  • druss999
    druss999 14 days ago

    No wonder your country is going down the drain..so fixated on rights for criminals and sexual deviates....China will be taking over from you soon...they dont go in for that bullshit.

  • Jim Stoesz
    Jim Stoesz 15 days ago

    Honestly I can't even believe the USA is a real country. How could a place that acts the way the USA supposed does even function?

  • Mafia1997
    Mafia1997 16 days ago+1

    7:36 “there are no standards.” My 19 year old self.

  • Natalie Kendel
    Natalie Kendel 16 days ago+1

    Yes, yes yes! This is a much needed point! Very good.

  • AbsolX Guardian
    AbsolX Guardian 17 days ago

    Good news! The amendment passed! Florida is slightly less shitty and is slowly overcoming Andrew Jackson's curse

  • metalchono
    metalchono 18 days ago

    And dont forget to leave your alligator friend at home... or the swamp you found it

  • Loyal Order of Christian Knights

    Never, EVER say anything is "the stupidest thing about Florida", because, I guarantee you, you will be out-Floridad. Only God knows the stupidest thing about Florida, and that's good - I'm sure the rest of us could never handle it.

  • An American Citizen
    An American Citizen 18 days ago

    I think only violent felons should be barred from voting, but Florida literally allowed all felons to vote. Nickolas Cruz (that school shooter that is in prison) literally registered.