Me during ANY season change

  • Published on:  9/7/2018
  • Musiceevee - house of memories


  • Jason Glass 2 months ago

    “I just started breavin”“You wanna breathe?”*WEEZE*

  • Osmel Raga 1 months ago

    😂 ahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahah

  • Pedro Pereira 1 months ago

    Oh You wanna breathe!?!Oooh I almost punched you!

  • Robbie Is da best 2 months ago

    1:55 this man stepped on his own hand wtf

  • mho nique 13 hours ago

    Ey yow Megumin-sama♡

  • Dark Pit 20 days ago

    Robbie Is da best *NOPE*

  • PhantomAbyss 2 months ago

    When ya mama spanks you for no reason.Me crying: *I was jus breavin...*

  • EvilDrHobbes 4 hours ago

    Sheree Hardin well that was uncalled for

  • Done did An oof an hour ago

    PhantomAbyss y o u c an t b r ea t h e

  • GogetaLocks 8 months ago

    "Just genetics" 😂😂

  • Choi Jinsoo 14 days ago

    Mooncake ✨ARMY?

  • Llama Cat 2 months ago

    You can runbut you can't breathe through your nose so it will be 100x harder.

  • Kiqro 9 months ago

    Still waiting for you to put the "I'm here for the interview" in one of your videos

  • BįŘĐ Box 23 days ago


  • JAAS cooking 1 months ago

    Kiqro ikr😂😂

  • Niara Noctyrna 1 months ago

    00:14 Damn I love that sound effect when shit gets real

  • I love the sound too

  • Mula 7 months ago

    0:42 the damn music when allergies opens the door has me dead man.

  • Tommy 1 months ago

    its from one piece

  • Doflamingo theme

  • Pikachau 1 months ago

    Caleb: who is it?Allergies: it’s allergiesMe: I feel pain just thinking about it

  • GoAwayImDrawing 9 months ago

    Me: *sneezes like 10000000 times*Me: The time has come. Time for nights full of sniffling and long breathing treatments (because allergies and asthma are NOT a good mix) :)

  • Crybaby Kim Kim 27 days ago

    Asthma sucks cuz I gotta use this machine thing

  • Azairence Robinson a months ago