• Published on:  7/6/2019
  • Face it, sometimes it pays to be taller. But us shorties have our advantages too.When it comes to tall people vs. short people, we know the struggle.Could you relate to Sophia’s short predicaments? How about Amy’s tall shenanigans?Share this video with your friends who totally get the struggle and don’t forget to subscribe to 123GO’s YouTube page for more relatable videos!#funny#pranks#DIYMusic by Epidemic Sound: materials:https://www.depositphotos.com


  • purple murder
    purple murder 1 months ago+1180

    Are you short or tall ?
    Short = comment Tall= like
    OMG thanks for the likes 😉

  • Hoa Dinh
    Hoa Dinh 28 days ago+186

    If u are

  • Lisa Chen
    Lisa Chen 3 days ago+7

    Ever time when I’m in the kitchen and I want cereal when I open up the cabinet the bowl is so high up and I always climb lol 😂

  • kalonice St. Moss
    kalonice St. Moss 1 months ago+166

    Short people have less space to store anger.
    We are tiny but dangerous.

  • Eddie Sukhu
    Eddie Sukhu 14 days ago+183

    I'm also tall
    Like if your tall
    Comment if your short

  • Weather forecast with Emma
    Weather forecast with Emma 1 months ago+412

    Was just reading a comic about a giant boyfriend and a tiny girlfriend. XD
    Luv u

  • Carla Carpenter
    Carla Carpenter 1 months ago+20

    If Amy took my snickers I would kick her in the stomach
    Edit: omg thanks for 12 like lol😂

  • glitter gacha
    glitter gacha 6 days ago+5

    I can relate to Sofia cause I'm short something's r good for short ppl but some r not like a high shelf they r my worst enemy like if ur short comment if ur tall

  • Yanji Yang
    Yanji Yang yesterday+2

    Short people's have short people's problems & tall people's have tall people problems lols no doubt.

  • Kinga Mekarska
    Kinga Mekarska yesterday+3

    I'm the shortest person from all my friends and i walk so much faster thsn them

  • Me and Dolls
    Me and Dolls 1 months ago+2442

    if you are:
    short= like
    edit: OMG thanks for the likes!!

  • Jaf Jaffa
    Jaf Jaffa 14 days ago+120

    If you are short like me like because I know how it feels

  • Elizabeth Griffith
    Elizabeth Griffith 7 days ago+75

    I am short
    Like for short
    Comment for tall

  • Violeta Lopez
    Violeta Lopez 5 days ago+16

    Give me a like if you are short and have EXPERIENCE these things😂

  • Charlotte Archer
    Charlotte Archer yesterday+1

    Who’s tall if you are like this 😂😂

  • West Esguerra
    West Esguerra  21 days ago+34

    Amy cant fit in the car because shes pushing herself in the front window

  • Claire Smith
    Claire Smith 21 days ago+5

    Another short person problem:
    Falling in the washing machine trying to get the very last sock out of the bottom.
    Yup, that's happened to me.

  • Vicky Puisan
    Vicky Puisan 7 days ago+5

    I think my friends are tall.
    But their acually considered short when I ask them.
    Then I relised myself..

  • Miss Fun And Fantastic
    Miss Fun And Fantastic 1 months ago+8

    I'm tall and I'm proud😅
    Most of the people in my class are shorter and a few others are taller than me

  • c̾o̾o̾k̾i̾e̾_C A M I
    c̾o̾o̾k̾i̾e̾_C A M I 1 months ago+497

    ok so u hit your face but dont close the cabinet door...😂😂😂🙄🤦🏽‍♀️
    Edit: Tysm for the likes! Bless your lives!🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️