SFC 9 - Israel Adesanya Vs James Griffiths

  • Published on:  9/18/2012
  • SFC Middleweight FightIsrael Adesanya - (CITY MMA) Vs James Griffiths - (Crolin Gracie/JR MacGyver)March 24 2012 - Auckland, NZ.


  • Jose Marrufo
    Jose Marrufo a years ago+256

    He had to knock Dana White out to get into the UFC?

  • Luigimo
    Luigimo a years ago+364

    wtf Israel is 30? dude isnt even 30 now lol

  • Jay Rex
    Jay Rex 9 months ago+86

    That mispronunciation of Adesanya is painful.

    WAFFLEZZ 8 months ago+61

    Adesanya was about 21 in this fight not 30 lmfao he's only 29 now!

  • taraishot100
    taraishot100 3 years ago+109

    That guy's trainer was laughing and smiling after he lost lol I would seriously consider changing my trainer ain't nothing to smile about after a lost.

  • Stephen Ikponmwosae
    Stephen Ikponmwosae 6 months ago+18

    Adesanya u are really making Nigerians proud I love you too much

  • Down Hill
    Down Hill a years ago+42

    uni-brow joe rogan vs drug free Jon Jones.

  • Blackwolfsbane
    Blackwolfsbane 3 years ago+60

    israel has similar style to michael page-those 2 would be a killer fight

  • carlDJS
    carlDJS a years ago+75

    30? 'm confused isn't he 28 now? lol. He looks much younger either way

  • Jesse Gibbs
    Jesse Gibbs a years ago+32

    Takedown was from the future.

    MALUAL DENG DENG a years ago+26

    dude looks 20 lol wakanda juice

  • pyrotechnick
    pyrotechnick 2 months ago+11

    Adesanya is currently my favorite MMA fighter. He has that Jeet Kune Do energy about him that I admire, adaptability + lightning fast reflexes

  • Sunny Star Okocha
    Sunny Star Okocha a years ago+41

    Up Nigeria

  • Cris Elba
    Cris Elba a years ago+92

    Anderson silva vs Bas rutten

  • Paul Daley
    Paul Daley a years ago+32

    5:39 adesanyanya😂

  • CJ
    CJ a years ago+15

    First UFC fight brought me here.

  • Abinadab Dominguez
    Abinadab Dominguez 6 months ago+6

    They don't know where this guy came from!

  • Sanji Vinsmoke
    Sanji Vinsmoke a years ago+15

    Adesanya is listed as age 30? Back in 2012..? Lolwut the wiki says he's 28 (in 2018)...

  • Chevalier Baraka
    Chevalier Baraka 8 months ago+11

    Bravo Israel awesome, Big respect Champion 💪🤛👑

  • Daniel Giscard
    Daniel Giscard a years ago+10

    a knee for his troubles!