MINO(송민호) - ‘아낙네 (FIANCÉ)’ M/V

  • Published on:  11/26/2018
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  • bts sb
    bts sb 4 months ago+9441

    Who's still listening?
    1 like=1 person

  • 璟若公主
    璟若公主 3 months ago+5190

    Mino really has his own style and vibe and it's really unique.

  • Ana Miranda
    Ana Miranda 3 months ago+3254

    almost 6 months and I can't get over Fiance

  • Michelle Viola
    Michelle Viola 2 months ago+1754

    Mino: pretty woman
    me: ok i'm ready. come and marry me now

  • SleepyKoala NotBear
    SleepyKoala NotBear 1 months ago+690

    "Where's all the stars in Seoul Oh, in your eyes" - Song Mino

  • Immy Gibson
    Immy Gibson 2 months ago+486

    Yup he looks like a baby, sex God, and gorgeous traditional prince in one mv

  • sadiya r
    sadiya r 2 days ago+6

    Mino Mino Minooo Saranghae 😘😘💙💙 the cutest softest talented and beautiful bub😘😘💙💙

  • ryan aries
    ryan aries 3 months ago+1319

    mino is freaking genius. literally freak and literally genius. a true artist characteristic.

  • 나태하
    나태하 21 days ago+166

    YG need to give Mino another solo album. Need more Mino in my life.

  • Dhiren Chaudhury
    Dhiren Chaudhury 4 months ago+4532

    My girlfriend loves you more than she loves me
    Edit: 500+ likes! My girlfriend and I thank each one of you.

  • megha jakhmola
    megha jakhmola yesterday+5

    The fq I'm seeing this now?This shit's so gooood oh gawd......and this hottie oh god.....what a Masterpiece hdhsjsjskskskksksksksmasmmsmsm

  • Anette CS
    Anette CS 22 hours ago+5

    why am i listening to this now?!! this is PERFECT ... i'm obsessed

  • Hae mee
    Hae mee 3 months ago+583

    It's confirmed..Mino is GD's long lost brother !

  • My Le
    My Le 3 months ago+694

    Winner will comeback soon, let’s stream for Mino👏🏽

  • Bagen바갠
    Bagen바갠  7 days ago+17

    (대충 한국인만 아는 댓글)
    (대충 어떤 댓글 달았냐는 댓글)
    (대충 모르겠다는 댓글)
    (대충 답변 고맙다는 댓글)
    (대충 템형 사랑한다는 댓글)

  • Chanwoo's Legendary NANANANA

    Knock knock from Mino to knock knock by leehi
    guess whos next

  • vista vista
    vista vista 7 days ago+73


  • 마린멜리사
    마린멜리사 3 months ago+371

    I want the one-hour Mino compilation that says "Pretty Women"

  • sʏᴇᴅᴀ sᴀᴅɪᴀ
    sʏᴇᴅᴀ sᴀᴅɪᴀ 3 months ago+3338

    [ in the beginning of the MV ]
    He sleeps like a smol baby uwu
    [ as soon as he starts singing ]

  • Misao Maki
    Misao Maki 3 months ago+282

    Ok, I'll be very very honest: just didn't pay attention to this song until I've got into a party two weeks ago. They played this song there and I liked it, however I didn't know at the time that was a Mino song. Ok, I just knew him by Okey Dokey and Body (both outstanding songs). When my friend told me this song was Mino's comeback, I've got impressed. Now I'm replaying this song all day long. Great job, Mino! Another outstanding bop!