Simon Cowell's Son Wouldn't Get the 'Golden Buzzer' for Dancing



  • Sheila Dey 9 months ago

    Imagine if simon Cowell was your dad and you were singing in the shower and he knocked on the door and said "it's a no from me".

  • BTS x ARMY 9 hours ago

    Hahahahahah xD

  • Ziia Zoozoo 23 hours ago


  • IIQueenOfHeartsII 10 months ago

    Simon Cowell reminds me of Gordon Ramsay and Gordon Ramsay reminds me of Simon Cowell

  • Catslikepizzas 3 days ago

    My thoughts exactly

  • Alivia Pack 4 days ago

    They're the same?!?!

  • Kkaebsong 95321 10 months ago

    Why do I feel like Simon uses the exact same clothes everyday of his life

  • I Am Aqua 3 days ago

    He just like dark colours

  • Viktoría Freyja 3 days ago

    Because he’s so basic

  • Zitho Majozi 10 months ago

    One thing I like about Simon is he hasn't changed. He's been brutally honest since forever

  • alimu Yeps 1 months ago

    yes he is

  • Tinny Lukhozi 9 months ago

    Shemuntu lukhozi mangwanyana nsika mfazi omabele made

  • Sharon 10 months ago

    Simon's son: Dad can I go out with my friends?Simon: You get a *YES* from Me!

  • DAKARU 5 days ago

    Shut up 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jovann Pena 9 days ago

    AbigailO_o Mishu*-* 😝

  • AnthonyOVOXO 10 months ago

    Oh wow he’s actually human and LOOKS LIKE A DAD NOW.

  • Nurjahan Begum 16 days ago

    Carlos Araujo double no

  • Nurjahan Begum 16 days ago

    MPKing17 no

  • This man has been keeping it real all his life, his son is no exception I guess lol

  • Lyssa Lives Her Life 9 months ago

    Lol, his face when Ellen suggested his son dancing on the show! 😂 His kid won't have any delusional ideas about his abilities, I guess?

  • Awesomeness 9 months ago

    +Elise Coco It means he’s always honest

  • AN MEDIA. 10 months ago

    He talks the truth on talent shows!

  • Quoc An Nguyen 1 months ago

    Howie says that during commercial breaks Simon would come up to the contestants that he said harsh words to and gives them hugs to make them feel better.

  • Nikky Gmre 9 months ago

    It's true

  • HENRY THE RC CAR 10 months ago

    *Simon is starting to look funny with age...* 🙃

  • PrinsHD 24 days ago

    Alpha Rebel me too lol

  • Erianis De Leon a months ago

    In all honesty though, his recent look (since he lost a lot of weight) is way better. He looks better now

  • Wanja Murugi 10 months ago

    So adorable. Who else loves Simon? 😌😘😘

  • marylyne wothiru 2 months ago

    He is my secret crush. 😘😘

  • Marjolein Heijnen 5 months ago