Simon Cowell's Son Wouldn't Get the 'Golden Buzzer' for Dancing



  • Sheila Dey
    Sheila Dey 10 months ago+4683

    Imagine if simon Cowell was your dad and you were singing in the shower and he knocked on the door and said "it's a no from me".

  • Kkaebsong 95321
    Kkaebsong 95321 10 months ago+3014

    Why do I feel like Simon uses the exact same clothes everyday of his life

  • Zitho Majozi
    Zitho Majozi 10 months ago+3905

    One thing I like about Simon is he hasn't changed. He's been brutally honest since forever

  • Sharon
    Sharon 10 months ago+7394

    Simon's son: Dad can I go out with my friends?
    Simon: You get a YES from Me!

  • IIQueenOfHeartsII
    IIQueenOfHeartsII 10 months ago+4765

    Simon Cowell reminds me of Gordon Ramsay and Gordon Ramsay reminds me of Simon Cowell

  • AnthonyOVOXO
    AnthonyOVOXO 10 months ago+3008

    Oh wow he’s actually human and LOOKS LIKE A DAD NOW.

    HENRY THE RC CAR 10 months ago+1958

    Simon is starting to look funny with age... 🙃

    AN MEDIA. 10 months ago+3174

    He talks the truth on talent shows!

  • Wanja Murugi
    Wanja Murugi 10 months ago+1553

    So adorable. Who else loves Simon? 😌😘😘

  • Erika Cole Soul Kitchen
    Erika Cole Soul Kitchen 10 months ago+2606

    This man has been keeping it real all his life, his son is no exception I guess lol

  • Laura
    Laura 10 months ago+1536

    “ i actually Said this: Eric you are the worst Dancer in the world” omg ahhaha lmaoooo

  • Sayheyi
    Sayheyi 10 months ago+1154

    Sweet and brutally honest... I wonder how he was in puberty

  • alien invasion
    alien invasion 10 months ago+640

    I saw Simon and I clicked

  • Joshua Ybañez
    Joshua Ybañez 10 months ago+630

    Simon is the best judge ever. You will always get amazed on how great he is in judging and finding incredible talents.

  • Vicki Dewi
    Vicki Dewi 10 months ago+630

    Simon is more fun and compassionate now. Must be the "daddy" thing 😊.

  • moviestargirl50s
    moviestargirl50s 10 months ago+390

    Wouldn’t be cool if Ellen was a judge on America got talent?!? 😍

  • TheSixThreeOne
    TheSixThreeOne 10 months ago+297

    He changed after his son was born

  • HappyGeekChic
    HappyGeekChic 10 months ago+355

    He talks so sensibly that you cant help but admire him. He has a very calm yet powerful presence and its why people respect him immensely.

  • nobody survives even one bit
    nobody survives even one bit 10 months ago+374

    Anyone remember the holistic vocal coach.

  • Tristan Gillespie
    Tristan Gillespie 10 months ago+624

    Damn imagine Simon Cowell as ur father tho