Nipsey Hussle’s Funeral Procession Ended In Fatal Shooting

  • Published on:  4/12/2019
  • The rapper was laid to rest after thousands gathered for a Celebration of Life ceremony in L.A. to honor Nipsey’s legacy.More from Entertainment Tonight: from #ETonline :


  • This is crazy what wrong with people

  • Cist Govne 17 days ago

    @Rob rain well that is true.white people do some crazy shit that no other race do in history of any races.we kill each others in numbers that no other race would ever survived that slaughter.but also we invented everything that all world use today in they life.medicine,technology ,engineering,everything we create world in historyin present and in the future.

  • Cist Govne 17 days ago

    they are ???in europe in asia in every continent black people show they culture.why are you so surprised????how stupid you can be to put kid to talk in funeral???tattoo your husband on part off your body part?? wtf is wrong with you people???

  • Anthony Okafor 17 days ago

    this is fake news. there is no record of this murder with the LA TImes homicide page

  • Deandre Pollard 2 months ago

    FAKE NEWs THE Shooting had NOTHING TO Do with his funeral I'm from LA

  • Your God 23 hours ago

    Jadon Daley because the white communities are clean with good schooling and local businesses. Blacks cannot create for themselves so they must steal what others have built.

  • Your God 23 hours ago

    Deandre Pollard Bringing up black on black crime isn’t racist. It’s reality.

  • Glory Mosby 2 months ago

    The ignorance is real but the distraction will not take effect The Marathon Continues!!!

  • S 1 months ago

    Glory Mosby rip nipsey russle and a big shout out to my nigguh jussie smollet

  • Vincent Lopez 2 months ago


  • Dre real 1 months ago

    Lies!!!Lies!!!The media is lying! The shooting had nothing to do with Nipsey's Procession!!!!!I was there!

  • Your God an hour ago

    Dre real So Donald Trump was right all along and you just got duped into hating him? You will never be awake. Pathetic.

  • Your God an hour ago

    Donnie Brasco - Les Deplórables well.. what do you expect? He’s a gang bangin thug with no valuable addition to society. Good thing he’s not wasting my oxygen anymore.

  • Edward X, MBA 2 months ago

    The shooting had nothing to do with Nipsey and your story shouldn’t link Nipsey to the nonsense that went down a few blocks away.

  • Your God 23 hours ago

    Marley Ex “Facts💯” doesn’t make something true. It’s an easy way for simpletons to follow the trend.

  • Your God 23 hours ago

    Queen how can you talk so much but say so little? Clear sign of a low IQ

  • Prizzilla 2 months ago

    His daughter is by another woman, I believe.

  • Your God 23 hours ago

    Prizzilla mostly likely. Black men don’t know how to be a father figure

  • mark spannar 14 days ago

    Prizzilla most likely

  • Mackenzie Wilson 7 days ago

    Lies!!! They never stated who, what, when & where! The news is the devil. They keep more negative information like no other!!

  • John Holms 2 months ago

    Nah, wha chu be tawkin bout.Gangsta fo rill!!

  • William Ramsey 2 months ago

    Sad reality for the black community. 😢