UFC 234 in Melbourne, Australia is going to be a special event...



  • Siddhant Das
    Siddhant Das 6 months ago+270

    Chael supporting Kelvin is pretty awesome. Coaches don't usually follow their students careers after the ultimate fighter ends.

  • Daniel Crene
    Daniel Crene 6 months ago+183

    Can you please set up a meet when you're here( In Melbourne)? Super huge fan here and I'm sure there are many many more.

  • anon
    anon 6 months ago+73

    But this does beg the question- Just how good is Melbourne, Australia?

  • ThePearguru98
    ThePearguru98 6 months ago+34

    Moo-ee thai

  • Mike Semon
    Mike Semon 6 months ago+124

    Ben was great at the press conference earlier. He yelled, "let's go Marty" during his faceoff with Woodley. He was selling it. He triggered every welterweight except Lawler.

  • Kerelos Tawfik
    Kerelos Tawfik 6 months ago+72

    Good time to be Aussie hope Robert takes the W, also got another Silva fight, just a good event.

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man 6 months ago+42

    Its really cool too see how excited Chael is for Kelvin. Its only 6 weeks they spend together but people do learn skills and form bonds, mma dweebs crying about UFC still having TUF shut up. I still enjoy a good TUF from time too time myself.

  • Damian Rochester
    Damian Rochester 6 months ago+59

    It was 56,000 tickets bro

  • Jaden Asher
    Jaden Asher 6 months ago+44

    Please beat-up Tito Ortiz.

  • Jared Westerlund
    Jared Westerlund 6 months ago+44

    Whittaker is gonna be on point

  • PsyintZ
    PsyintZ 6 months ago+23

    Chael always puttin' that little extra "moo" in his Muay Thai.

  • Erks Ser
    Erks Ser 6 months ago+39

    Stoked to hear the real main event will be here

  • Jason Carson
    Jason Carson 6 months ago+6

    Chael won't get to Australia by plane, he will just walk across water as he usual does

  • Sara Lechak
    Sara Lechak 6 months ago+95

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to walk into footlocker looking for sandals

  • James T
    James T 6 months ago+64

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy do his scream in “a Quiet Place”

  • Stm 1000
    Stm 1000 6 months ago+4

    Silva in his prime would have been no easy fight for Israel.

  • M-A Girouard
    M-A Girouard 6 months ago+6

    Chael promotes MMA better than MMA organisations lol

  • PsyintZ
    PsyintZ 6 months ago+19

    If you sell out an entire 40,000 seat arena within 16 minutes of tickets going on sale, it seems pretty safe to say you've undercharged.

  • Lochtaupo
    Lochtaupo 6 months ago+8

    Never underestimate the size of the Australian fight fan base. We love MMA and Boxing down here.

  • Strider
    Strider 6 months ago+18

    Somebody send some Popeye's Chicken to our Lord and savior Chael.