Bryson Tiller - Canceled (Audio)

  • Published on:  9/10/2018
  • "Canceled" out now!: Play: Bryson TillerTwitter: Facebook: Instagram: Website:


  • Jordan Faumui
    Jordan Faumui 11 months ago+3524

    “I’m in yo hair like Cantu”
    Where’s all my curly haired females at?

  • Tran Vo
    Tran Vo 11 months ago+2147

    Can you drop Trapsoul pt. 2? This is great but we want to feel depressed driving home at night thanks

  • jordeecakes
    jordeecakes 9 months ago+726

    patiently waiting... cause we all know he's perfecting his craft🔥🔥

  • Armando Martinez
    Armando Martinez 11 months ago+1880

    Bryson been gone for a while but coming back with bangers 🔥

  • Datboi
    Datboi 11 months ago+2144

    Bryson and 6lack have got this RnB thing on lock

  • natasha hüsty
    natasha hüsty 11 months ago+874

    "tf does that even mean" LOL i died

  • Niy, baby !
    Niy, baby ! 11 months ago+486

    This gets better each time I listen . 😂

  • Mathias Toimata
    Mathias Toimata 11 months ago+436

    Young Tiller stay cold. He switch up from Rambo to Romance faster than a light switch.

  • Xanny Mcphee
    Xanny Mcphee 11 months ago +304

    How is people still sleeping on this? 😣😣
    This is straight 🔥 🚒 🚒 🚑 🚓

  • KingNBdot
    KingNBdot 11 months ago+1396

    damn listening to Tiller after a little while reminds me of when I used to get in my feelings listening to Trapsoul in my room after I broke up with my first girlfriend. That seems like such a long time ago 😂

  • Nadya Torabi #CNCOwner
    Nadya Torabi #CNCOwner 11 months ago+631

    Did you not, not tell me not so say another lie, lie
    Not to play with you and I, I
    Know somebody like you is hard to find
    Put her guard up for my eye
    I know them n##a watchin'
    They be scheming up and plotting
    They been big st-talkin' and hatin'
    Got a n##a cautious thinkin' you would leave me
    Trust and believe me
    I know this st is easy, I know they want the Fiji
    All them n##a thirsty, but you would never hurt me
    Not like I hurt you, the s##t I do is hurtful
    You feel like a damn fool
    I wish I had a manual to better understand you
    You said I am a handful, I'm in your hair like Cantu
    I tell you what i can do
    Be a better man to you, This Henny made me ramble
    Called and got no answer
    I wrote this f#####g anthem, alert you like amber
    Distress to my Damsel
    But she say I am Cancelled
    I just got back in touch with her
    Used to talk a lot, used to down to ride
    I cant do this hi and bye
    Don't see eye to eye but I know we have the time
    To fix it we not blind
    Don't know what i"m implin'
    I am missin' my friend dyin'
    Without you, I have been tryin'
    These b#####s , They been wack
    Cant take them to get Prime for dinner, you know we did that
    Cant help but nitpick, the st that they did lack
    Like throwin' that st back
    You know that i miss that
    I dont like the wig snatched
    No, I like that s##t natural
    Big mad cause I heard a n##a banged you
    Big mad cause you lied about it when i asked you
    F####d on her, but knew it would last
    Even though she came fast, n###a karma came faster
    See you in a n##a pic, no caption
    But the look on your face see he better then the last one, damn
    Called and got no answer
    Wrote this f###n album and alert you like amber
    Distress to my Damsel
    But she say i'm cancelled
    Don't sweat it
    I forgave you, but I wont forget it
    I just cut into your schedule
    Got your new number from your best friend, yeah
    Yeah, I have been checkin' for you
    Know you been checkin' for me too
    Why they like to meddle up in what we do
    Like they know the best for me and you
    I just turned into your driveway
    You were lookin at me sideways
    You were throwing dirt on my name
    Since i'm the one to blame
    I,I apologize yeah
    I sorry for the lies yeah
    For the lies , yeah
    For the liesss

  • xITZQ2Ux
    xITZQ2Ux 9 months ago+71

    most slept on song of 2018

  • Alex Tran
    Alex Tran 11 months ago+163

    Did he just sample an Amber alert for a song?

  • P.s ILYAG
    P.s ILYAG 11 months ago+218

    In yo head like Cantu 😂 watch all the natural hair yt gonna use this as their caption

  • 10 subs by the end of the month

    My favorite song until it blows up 😂

  • Standard Chuz
    Standard Chuz 11 months ago+577

    Laura Lee's anthem😂😂😂😂

  • 𝕿𝖎𝖓𝖆 𝖀𝖑𝖎𝖆


  • Robbin Hatchett
    Robbin Hatchett 7 months ago+52

    I hope Jacquees doesn't come and Mess this song Up!!!

  • Kiana
    Kiana 10 months ago+39

    when he said "tf does that even mean?" saaaaame

  • B. BANX
    B. BANX 8 months ago+54

    3 months later .. still no album .. man ..update*** 4 months later