Bryson Tiller - Canceled (Audio)

  • Published on:  9/10/2018
  • "Canceled" out now!: Play: Bryson TillerTwitter: Facebook: Instagram: Website:


  • Tran Vo 9 months ago

    Can you drop Trapsoul pt. 2? This is great but we want to feel depressed driving home at night thanks

  • Rich 5 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 tiny facts

  • Probably Zayra 1 months ago

    Lol tbh

  • Jordan Faumui 9 months ago

    “I’m in yo hair like Cantu” Where’s all my curly haired females at?

  • Oh Yeah Yeah 20 days ago

    Not even a female but I use it 😔😔

  • jordeecakes 7 months ago

    patiently waiting... cause we all know he's perfecting his craft🔥🔥

  • kaylee sweets 3 months ago

    @Monique Lopez samee

  • natasha husty 9 months ago

    "tf does that even mean" LOL i died

  • Andrea NunyaBusiness 8 months ago

    Elen Barseghyan thanks

  • Elen Barseghyan 8 months ago

    @Andrea NunyaBusiness it's 1:57 you're welcome hahah

  • Mathias Toimata 9 months ago

    Young Tiller stay cold. He switch up from Rambo to Romance faster than a light switch.

  • Armando Martinez 9 months ago

    Bryson been gone for a while but coming back with bangers 🔥

  • Haze Jones 7 months ago

    Armando Martinez he just dropped a new album

  • Xanny Mcphee 9 months ago

    How is people still sleeping on this? 😣😣This is straight 🔥 🚒 🚒 🚑 🚓

  • Aldrich Eldrige 9 months ago

    HOLD UP.... is it Canceled or Cancelled?

  • Aliyah xo  14 hours ago

    @favor4afavor What tf is a shope

  • Unnamed 6 months ago

    Hyuncas then u wrong

  • Lay'Gangin baby 9 months ago

    This gets better each time I listen . 😂

  • Haladappa H 1 months ago


  • xITZQ2Ux 7 months ago

    most slept on song of 2018