Gordon Ramsay Served A RAW Burger | Kitchen Nightmares



  • FartLaser 892 10 months ago

    “My son has a lot of resentment towards me and I don’t no why”*Steals 250k from his son*

  • SugarSkull 20 days ago

    The parents owe their son $533,306.25

  • Nicole Pinelook 22 days ago

    giveagoodsong what r u sayin?

  • shaserdeses 2 months ago

    My parents took $10k from me and I was pissed even though they paid me back. Imagine taking $250k and throwing it into business that u will never see back!

  • Josh blair 2 days ago


  • ThePlayer920 5 days ago

    @NizzyNizerson Bullshit, there's no way that ever happened. 150.000$ is too much leftover mortgage after the 20+ years it took you to grow up in that house, finish college, get a high paying job and raise that kind of money

  • Steals 250k from his sonSon hates himHe doesn't know why his son hates him 😂

  • Kermit Sweet Tea 23 days ago

    He's a delusional imbecile!

  • youtuberrrg 34 a months ago

    *surprise pikachu face*

  • Marvel James 3 months ago

    "My son has a great deal of resentment toward me, and i dont know why"it's not like you stole his inheritance money and forced him into the business

  • Zuxlshl 10 days ago

    I feel bad for his Grandpa/Grandma cause he probably saved so much for his kid then the parents took it away for a dying business and the Grandpa/Grandma must be angry at his parents probably

  • PkMn Trainer Elio 1 months ago

    No one:Not a single f soul:Gen: *I’m a 64yrs old woman and I-*

  • Kiki Donut  2 days ago

    @Mark Robertson hahahha you are aweasome

  • Mark Robertson 3 days ago

    @Luis Kern fuck me? no thank you, im too busy

  • Lenox Covington 9 months ago

    “I don’t know why my son resents me, I only stole 250k from him and forced him into this dying business”

  • ThePlayer920 5 days ago

    @OddBallDaddy O Wait, so people who have their inheritance taken away from them have it coming, while the people who lose their illegally earned money are the poor victims? What kind of retarded commie logic is that?

  • OddBallDaddy O 17 days ago

    @KVNG JAY i bet you're black ghetto trash

  • Meme Dragon 1 months ago

    “This is my wife Jenn”*wife leans in*“JENN”

  • MegnuS3Rs 12 days ago

    @Ya Boi Diglett thank you pewdiepie reverse card

  • Billie Bleach 2 months ago

    “They deleted five-star reviews”Yes...because those reviews were from “shady” reviewers. In other words, you wrote them yourself.

  • Emma 19 days ago

    @That Weird Kid From High School that's a good point I didn't think about that

  • I can prove they delete 5 star reviews!Yeah by logging into your alt accounts and saying "see the review I left is gone!" Otherwise how else would he know? Does he screenshot the reviews and check every week to make sure they are still there? Lmao

  • october 3 months ago

    9:27chef: no he's not gonna like it*alan will remember that*

  • War Dragon 19 days ago

    The way he says "what?"though 😂

  • Hahaha telltale

  • Billy Boren 2 months ago

    Think of all the cows losing their lives just be served raw and thrown in the garbage because of these so called chefs.

  • Sparkles 47 14 days ago

    Maribor Forest O h