Vogue's 73 Questions is Stupid (Ft. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West)

  • Published on:  4/18/2019
  • The first 500 people will get 2 months of Skillshare for free: https://skl.sh/h3h3-2Vogue's 73 questions explores how to spend as much time with someone and learn as little about them as possible. It's so painfully scripted it hurts. This time they feature the supposed power couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and I learned as little about them as I thought I would. Follow us on Social Media:https://twitter.com/h3h3productionshttps://www.instagram.com/h3h3product...Follow Teddy Fresh:https://teddyfresh.comhttps://instagram.com/teddyfreshofficialhttps://twitter.com/teddyfresh


  • Ruben e
    Ruben e 4 months ago+5023

    Can we realise the fact that Ethan just gets salty when someone has a bigger ass than him

  • Average Mex
    Average Mex 2 months ago+897

    Kanye what's your favorite thing about being a dad?
    "the kids"

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe 3 months ago+1487

    A minimalist mansion defeats the purpose of minimalism and in fact heightens the sense of overconsumption

  • elfarlaur
    elfarlaur 2 months ago+626

    This interviewer sounds like he's in a porno. Everything he says is so disconnected and inorganic.

    ROFLCOPTERFMLYOLOSWAG69 3 months ago+444

    "I wish people would stop focusing on my ass"
    "that's why I got ass surgery in the first place... So people wouldn't focus on it"

  • Matt Gleich
    Matt Gleich 4 months ago+16618

    Ethan's just jealous of Kim's ass because he finally has some competition.

  • Temporary Account
    Temporary Account 3 months ago+1287

    Interviewer: What’s the best part of being alive?
    Kanye: Breathing.

  • rancid Wh00R
    rancid Wh00R 2 months ago+255

    "What's the greatest thing he's ever given you?" "socks and stocks"
    All her kids in the room

  • WhatAHero
    WhatAHero 3 months ago+419

    "Kim, what are you trying to prove? She's still going backwards!!?"
    She's trying to prove how little she has in her house, like a monastery. Only someone who KNOWS that nothing is behind them, can walk backwards with that kind of confidence.

  • Espresso
    Espresso 2 months ago+420

    Interviewer: Hey Kanye whats the best thing about music?
    Kanye: Sound

  • OMEGA Desire
    OMEGA Desire 4 months ago+4506

    Interviewer: Kanye, what’s your favorite about your wife?
    Kayne: Her husband.

  • Hagop D
    Hagop D 3 months ago+272

    That is the most boring and sad looking house I've ever seen
    It has no personality... no character... just like the owners I guess.

  • Jenni Boo
    Jenni Boo 2 months ago+298

    Name 3 words that describe you:
    Kim: Sweet and smart

  • Kristin Jimenez
    Kristin Jimenez 2 months ago+144

    “Kim your kitchen is so beautiful!”
    Shows a slab of marble in a sterile kitchen.

  • Julie Sunshine
    Julie Sunshine 3 months ago+134

    I would never trade my life for her life

  • Lasse
    Lasse 3 months ago+4584

    "whats the greatest gift he got you?"
    "major stock in adidas and apple"
    3 children walking around in the background

  • ArcFlash 64
    ArcFlash 64 3 months ago+155

    Ohhhh what a wonderful living room! A single chair, a piano, and a mannequin from Forever 21.

  • Sky Silver
    Sky Silver 2 months ago+139

    "all the kids are in the room"
    WHAT room? isn't there like 50 rooms in this house? what is "THE" room....

  • Serpico's Beard
    Serpico's Beard 2 months ago+87

    I just had to Google what a Kimoji was and now my actual soul is in pain.
    That shit just took 3 years off of my life.

  • Mobeen Hanid
    Mobeen Hanid 3 months ago+35

    Interviewer: What kind of piano is this this is gorgeous?
    Kim: unbleached steinway
    Ethan: bro your house sucks
    😂😂😂😂😂 best response to “unbleached Steinway”