Adults Jokes You Missed In Disney's Halloweentown

  • Published on:  10/23/2019
  • Marnie From Halloweentown And Everything You Missed In This Best Halloween Movie Disney

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    The Disney Channel has been making epic movies for a long time. And one of the most memorable franchises is “Halloweentown.” “Halloweentown” starred Kimberly J. Brown and Debbie Reynolds. It was all about a town full of spooky and magical creatures. Marnie, the main character, turned out to be a witch with immense powers. The franchise made three spin-off movies all about this town and its residents. It’s considered one of Disney Channel’s best movies ever, and it still has a ton of fans.

    But when you re-watch these movies as an adult, you tend to pick up a few things you missed as a kid. From plot holes to jokes, there is a lot more to the “Halloweentown” movies when you’re older. In this video, we take a look at ten things that you would probably miss as a kid from “Halloweentown.” For more awesome videos about all things Disney, be sure to subscribe to TheThings.

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