We've Been Betrayed! (Spiderman PS4 #4)

  • Published on:  9/14/2018
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  • Li Jiayang
    Li Jiayang 11 months ago+717

    1 like=1 respect for officer davis

  • Olvia Lee
    Olvia Lee 4 months ago+353

    Miles is from Spider Man into the spider verse 😁 ( in 2018)

  • Glitched orbiter Monkey
    Glitched orbiter Monkey 5 months ago+155

    This is ghost
    One person who sees this is 1 extra friend for him
    And yes I don’t care if I don’t know how many people see this. Just tell yourself that he has another friend.

  • Solori Yeovin
    Solori Yeovin 5 months ago+159

    Tutorial: “Avoid air combat when fighting whip enemies.”
    Dan: “Alright so I need to send them flying”

  • Abhir Mahajan
    Abhir Mahajan 4 months ago+53

    my favorite finisher is:The snap in the neck!

  • Drift - fortnite
    Drift - fortnite 11 months ago+661

    This is dan
    He is 0 years old
    1like =1 year

  • Koki Murtada
    Koki Murtada 2 months ago+22

    I thought that was otto in the thumbnail

  • Mr.noober the nugget Aka nugget

    Fisk base: exists
    Dan: i Will probably unlock those sooner in the game

  • Justine Bayadog
    Justine Bayadog 1 months ago+20

    Demon:call backup!!
    Dan:what backup??
    Demon:where is the backup!!
    Dan:oh backup. Uhh nighty night😅😆

  • Kimberly Nuñez
    Kimberly Nuñez 5 months ago+59

    Is it because it was another dimension that Jeff didn’t die in into the spider-verse?

  • K7n57
    K7n57 11 months ago+635

    Roses are red
    Dan's hair is blue
    I think he is awesome
    Do you think so to?

  • RM3 Animations/GP
    RM3 Animations/GP 3 months ago+33

    The suit Infinity war and home coming WOW this must be peter from the future

  • cash decker
    cash decker 4 months ago+19

    yea miles ive been waiting for u

  • Parker Tabor
    Parker Tabor 4 months ago+58

    You think he will be a super hero he already is!!!!

  • christian malpas
    christian malpas 4 months ago+73

    Roses are red
    vilots are blue
    i love dan
    and show shold to

  • Chipmunk Version [Vocals only]

    Who liked the video before they started watching it cos they knew it would be amazing? :D

  • Jackson and Lexy Adventure kids

    In the movies spider man says to dr octopus it’s you Dr. Otto Octavius.

  • Cassandra Pokorra
    Cassandra Pokorra 2 months ago+41

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    even if you where a bad youtuber id still choose you.
    keep up the good work dan

  • Alex TheGamer
    Alex TheGamer 21 days ago+8

    Miles: tries to go on a stealth mission
    Dan: but your not spider man
    Mies: but I am

  • Romeo TRM
    Romeo TRM 3 months ago+6

    I cried at 45:27 and seconds on