Purgatony Episode 07 - Holy Roller, Holy Diver

  • Published on:  7/9/2019
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  • Nicolas Wyatt 13 days ago

    Why did I take so long to realize that death sings the opening song?

  • Dubs an hour ago

    Oh, it's Rob DenBleyker. He's passable

  • Dubs an hour ago

    who voices death anyway?

  • Zeeshan Shariff 8 days ago

    On September 20th explosm entertainment should make an episode where tony has to deal with 300,000 dead people from Area 51

  • Ragnok Ulfbhert 7 hours ago

    That would be an amazing special episode

  • Flameman 4thewin 20 hours ago

    1.6 million

  • VideoOverload 12 days ago

    I use to come here for Cyanide and Happiness.Now I come here for Purgatony...

  • Sans_The _Pro 4 days ago


  • Yadriel Marcano 5 days ago


  • Envy the Darksider 11 days ago

    5:48I just realized this, but in Episode 5, Tony's coach said he bashed Tony's head so much that Tony can no longer get flash backs. CONTINUITY!

  • X Wave unlimited 7 hours ago

    So true

  • Envy the Darksider 6 days ago

    @Waluigi in my Spaghetti i know. I watched episode 8. But I applaud them for keeping that small detail in :p

  • Divorced Kermit 12 days ago

    “You good on paper clips?”*”WaNt mE tO SuCk ThAt DiCk?”**Slurslurslurslurp*

  • Jamsr Smithjr 3 days ago

    @siguebrillando cosmos I know that's why this has so many likes

  • @Jamsr Smithjr well, that line make me laugh my ass off so i think many others enjoy it too...

  • Ricky on the Line 13 days ago

    This was a super satisfying episode. Nice to see Tony win for a change.

  • Envy the Darksider 11 days ago

    @Neo Sonic As sexy as a succubus is, I think it's best to avoid it as he would become a soulless husk. Also it is possible she wouldn't have actually done it with him anyways and only seducing him into doing what she wants so... There's that.

  • Darth Endrel 13 days ago


  • Nilly00 12 days ago

    well tony does stay true to his friends. that definitly speaks for him

  • Envy the Darksider 11 days ago

    He did say he never really did have any friends anyways in episode 4

  • flyingboat 12 days ago

    8:54 even Chad Bradley is like NOPE ...not gonna touch this

  • SHARPE shooter4U 5 days ago


  • The Brony Reviewer 10 days ago

    you know it's bad when Chad Bradley has to nope out of there

  • X naM ageM Reversed 12 days ago

    I love max as a new recurring character, Tony finally has a real friend.

  • T Bone 3 days ago

    @The Science Fiction and HORROR AND FANTASY FAN. Chad isn't trying to be a friend, he's trying to make himself look good by comparing himself to Tony

  • Did Chad try to be his friend or just using him to look good?

  • DylanTFB 12 days ago

    “I swear to god, the next time you open your mouth, I’m gonna fart right in it” 13:05

  • Legion Ivory 4 days ago

    I can't believe I missed that! lmao!

  • VenroResai 6 days ago

    DylanTFB I didn’t know Geoff Ramsey was in purgatory. I thought hell for sure