70th Emmy Awards: Thandie Newton Wins For Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • Thandie Newton wins the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for Westworld


  • Lovett Uduebor
    Lovett Uduebor 11 months ago+1241

    Give her another emmy for letting that f-word slip.

  • baby driver
    baby driver 11 months ago+966

    Sooooo deserved. She learned to speak Japanese perfectly. And she can act only with her eyes because she is a spectacular actress. Congrats Thandie 😍

  • Viet Hung Vu
    Viet Hung Vu 11 months ago+1214

    Best award of this year. She is amazing in every scenes.

  • Sarah Michelle Gilligan
    Sarah Michelle Gilligan 11 months ago+710

    She is by far the best thing in Westworld.

  • warrenguy76
    warrenguy76 11 months ago+332

    Finally!!!! Not only did Thandie finally get recognized in general, but her superb work was the best of the year in a field of outstanding performances from EVERY one of her fellow nominees.

  • addiat meikokusuma
    addiat meikokusuma 11 months ago+474

    Wow... What a tough category.. By beating Ann, Alexis and Yvonne who give chilling performances in Handmaid's Tales....showing Thandie's craft in Westworld is beyond amazing..Congrats

  • Mike Thieman Jr
    Mike Thieman Jr 11 months ago+450

    Congrats, Thandie! You were FANTASTIC! Can't believe you beat out all those Handmaid's Tale actresses!

  • Emmanuel Okoronkwo
    Emmanuel Okoronkwo 11 months ago+324

    I love Lena , but Thabdie Newton was exceptional in Westworld and to watch her grasp this with such tenacity was such a heart warming moment.
    Congrats to her

  • Charlene Raymond
    Charlene Raymond 11 months ago+219

    When I saw that Thandie had won an award I clicked on this video sooo fast I was happy... then they read out all the nominees & I'm just like Holy crap that's such tough competition (I would of also LOVED any of the Handmaid's cast to win, particularly Ann!)

  • Matheus Mantovani
    Matheus Mantovani 11 months ago+2298

    "I don't even believe in God, but I'm gonna thank HER tonight" SLAY SIS, SLAY

  • 13th
    13th 11 months ago+209

    Well deserved she was great this season.

  • Faizan Naeem
    Faizan Naeem 11 months ago+133

    she so much deserved it, I am so happy.

  • Sally Vee
    Sally Vee 11 months ago+76

    It had to be either Thandie or Yvonne. Both were extraordinary in their respective roles. So happy for her!

  • Aylín Reyes
    Aylín Reyes 11 months ago+216

    I wanted Thandie to win last year, Yvonne seriously gave the best performance ever. Smh, I don't hate her, but my hopes were up for Yvonne this year :(

  • ✨aprilwearsgucci💕💋
    ✨aprilwearsgucci💕💋 11 months ago+139

    Vanessa Kirby did a fantastic job playing Princess Margaret in The Crown.

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra 11 months ago+67

    I was rooting for Vanessa Kirby :( but nevertheless congrats to Thadie

  • Tatianna Irizarry-Melendez
    Tatianna Irizarry-Melendez 11 months ago+106

    Thandie is a MAGNIFICENT actress. Well deserved!

  • Rebel Fatima
    Rebel Fatima 10 months ago+21

    Lena Headey should have won...she is absolutely amazing in GOT!

  • Chris M
    Chris M 11 months ago+42

    HBO stands for Home Box Office? lol, now I know

  • Brian
    Brian 11 months ago+214

    I wanna give a shout out to the trolls who dislike every Thandie Newton video. The more you hate, the more Thandie shines <3