Our GT500 Powered Cop Car is REBORN! 900+hp Of Ford Powered Freedom!

  • Published on:  1/30/2019
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  • Rae Birch 5 months ago

    "Have you called McFarland tuning yet?" " I heard they're pretty backed up, building shit boxes" lmfaoo Jeremy that was perfect

  • StixBNR32 5 months ago

    @Zolen Boogaerts 4 cams vs 1 with LS engines. I would also look for a Ford tuner. With my car I look for the best RB26Dett tuner and go to that specialist. Not all engines are the same I would use someone different for a v8 if I had one.

  • Zolen Boogaerts 5 months ago

    Says the guy that can’t tune a Ford. I was shocked to hear Cleetus say at the end that he was gonna look for a Ford tuner. Da fuq?! You have an in house dyno and tuner. I know Jeremy specializes in GM, but you can’t figure out a Ford tune?

  • MAHANEEY 5 months ago

    It’s always fun gapping someone when you’re the only one who knows it’s a race 😂

  • Danny Rijks 5 months ago

    i red gaping, what''s wrong with me.

  • Kris McMillen 5 months ago

    You guys need to do an Uber Ride video with Neighbor lol!

  • froggers garage 5 months ago

    Yess that would be epic

  • David Schultz 5 months ago

    Famous last words: "Hand me that laptop I gonna fix this real quick"

  • Chris Diaz  5 months ago

    When the squirrel is walking along and looks like its jumping ...." Ohh brother, do it! " - Cleetus -Jan 30,2019 😂

  • Joshua Hilliard 5 months ago

    who else thought that was the new intro lol

  • Jake Malloy 5 months ago


  • Joshua Hilliard 5 months ago

    @PSNxFTWxRAGOI Personally I think the music was fine, but it was too long to be an intro

  • WolfHeart 5 months ago

    For a second I thought you savaged a new intro

  • Wholly Mindless 5 months ago

    Time for an Uber sponsorship?

  • Big Ben 5 months ago

    God I love this channel. Today's upload was quality. 👍 🇬🇧

  • Josh Lewis 5 months ago

    That Cleetus and Cars promo should be the intro for the channel. That gave me chills bruv

  • adriel lopez 5 months ago

    Josh Lewis yup that intro was sick!! 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  • Paul M 5 months ago

    Nah! No delete. The more individual comments about the wicked perfect intro, the more recognition. Someone really went to redline making that true cinematic, dramatic, theatric intro production. 'McFarland Studios' does it again!!?? All the videos are always great, but this is top level.