Age Gap Couple | Kulit Side Ni Mister!

  • Published on:  7/10/2018
  • Hello,My name is Rona, 32 years old, married to an American residing Kentucky, USA.My Vlog is all about our daily life and adventures as a couple.Thank you all for watching and please don't forget to like and subscribe!My SISTER'S CHANNEL: BROTHER'S CHANNEL : Youtube Audio libraryFACEBOOK: Rona SingletonEMAIL : Geronasingleton@gmail.comINSTAGRAM :


  • Rona Singleton
    Rona Singleton  a years ago +91

    Hello guys, Thank you all for watching my video, klaruhin ko lng po Hindi po namin sarili ang swimming pool at gym, it’s the condominium property that we all can use anytime. Hindi pa kc ako sanay mag Vlog kaya kahit ano nasasabi na lang.

  • Jeanielynn Cabayao
    Jeanielynn Cabayao 11 months ago+2

    First time ko nanood ng vlog mo ate..I feel your so luck ate....

  • shara _
    shara _ a years ago+9

    U have a nice skin sis .. new sub here

  • Maricris R.
    Maricris R. a years ago+9

    I love cayenne with lemon juice and salt.

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    camille delacruz a years ago+4

    new subscriber here po😊nice blog😍

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    Lola Gets a years ago+1

    Thanks for sharing and visit... nice place looks privacy...keep in touch thank you..ganda mag gym..

  • Myrna Hester
    Myrna Hester 11 months ago

    Good exercises for your heart
    I used to go to Gym back in Va.were retired now here in Az.
    My parents are from Southern Leyte by the water.

  • Crissie Jane Balino
    Crissie Jane Balino 9 months ago

    Sisin time daw sbi nya hahahaha😂😂😂

  • Jhia Hannah Miranda
    Jhia Hannah Miranda a years ago+2

    Ateeee Ang ganda nyu po shout out poto next video thank you po🖤

  • carl angelo Sambo
    carl angelo Sambo a years ago+1

    A lovely couple 👫 😍😍😍😍God bless you all 😇😇😇😇

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    Shaylene Cortez a years ago

    Hey heyy new subbie from Sydney Australiaa ))

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    Cherry Dayuja a years ago

    Ang linaw daming shoes wow my gym sexy mo sis thumbs up

  • david merrick
    david merrick 11 months ago+39

    I'm 66 and my Dominican GF of 2+ years is about to turn 21. For over one year I tried to discourage her from our relationship. When I asked if she loved me she said she would see but she knew I was her best choice. I help her with university expenses and a bit extra but 2 months ago I told her we couldn't have a future because I couldn't afford to save for our life together so to just enjoy the next 2 years until she graduates. To my surprise she told me to send her less and when I asked why she told me she was very much in love with me and she would live on less so I could save for our wedding and our future together. Isn't love amazing ?

  • sun flower
    sun flower 5 months ago

    ang sweet nio, kinikilig tuloy ako habang pinapanood ko vlog mo, haha parang teen lang na kinilig. godbless po sa inyong dalawa!

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    Jay Z Palomares 7 months ago

    P heart naman subs

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    Wow congrats sa inyo guys..

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    have a new day
    i hope to see another vlog both of us 😍😍

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    Family4Funvlog a years ago+6

    Nice tour sa labas sis. Nice gym. Yaw namin kumakain ng may dugo pa din hahaha. Kulit ni hubby mo hahhaa.

  • Love Lhyn
    Love Lhyn 5 months ago+1

    Your husband is So sweet... ❤️❤️❤️