I Let a Subscriber Choose my Tattoo..

  • Published on:  9/15/2018
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  • PP_ Nylon
    PP_ Nylon 11 months ago+2188

    This is thanos
    He has 1000 HP
    1like =1 damage
    Let's kill thanos

  • Ray Lewis
    Ray Lewis 7 months ago+156

    Who is watching this in 2019

  • Zachary재커리
    Zachary재커리 1 months ago+140

    Dan is ruining his skin, for us.
    Dan is ruining his hair, for us.
    Dan is ruining his eyes, for us.
    Dan made his channel, for us.

  • BenTMP
    BenTMP 10 months ago+603

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Congrats on 20 million
    And your brand-new tattoo!

  • trash can
    trash can 10 months ago+301

    I subscribed before 3 mil

  • MoyezYT
    MoyezYT 10 months ago+102

    Who remembers diamond dimensions

  • Olivalovesbunnys D
    Olivalovesbunnys D 10 months ago+53

    TURKEYBOY RETURNSSS😆😂😆😇😇😇😇😇😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • RexyThePrisoner Plays
    RexyThePrisoner Plays 10 months ago+75

    💎Hope u hit 21M soon💎

  • Seecooty
    Seecooty 11 months ago+82

    the subscribers didn't choose the tattoo, we made it, then you chose it

  • iBlissfulBun ROBLOX
    iBlissfulBun ROBLOX 11 months ago+1166

    Who else was here before 1 million? I remember Diamond Dimensions and your mods. Good times. 😭❤️ Keep up the great work!

  • Kjackwest1
    Kjackwest1 10 months ago+44

    my guy is wearing off white jordans 👌

  • Jan Angeline David
    Jan Angeline David 2 months ago+31

    Congratulations dantdm you are the best YouTuber ever 🎉🙂💙

  • Hannah Ashley141
    Hannah Ashley141 10 months ago+36

    Hey! You posted this on my doggy’s 3rd birthday 🎂!

  • Chloe Wang
    Chloe Wang 7 days ago+8

    me: im gonna be a tattoo artist before the next milestone...

  • The vlogger The gamer

    2019 anyone

  • Tyler Crawford
    Tyler Crawford 14 hours ago+1

    8:07 The guy in the background checking out his shoe (could be his tattoo but I don't think so 😸) then realizes that he is in a youtube video.

  • yah yeet
    yah yeet 3 days ago+1

    i wanna get a HUGE deathly hallows tattoo on my upper back when i grow up. my aunt said she would get a matching tattoo if i diddnt chiken out

  • Cyboretic
    Cyboretic 10 months ago+14

    Darcie: -_-

  • MashUp
    MashUp 11 months ago+942

    Does someone remember Grim, Trayarus and Craig? It's been a long time..

  • Caitlin's World
    Caitlin's World 9 months ago+11

    You shoud of done a tatoo of pegy i will remember you pegy