Glenn Weiss Proposes To His Girlfriend After Winning The Emmy For Directing The Oscars

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • A magical Emmys moment as Glenn Weiss PROPOSES to his girlfriend live on the Emmys stage!


  • Nadine Tabbara 9 months ago

    So cute that he was nervous and did everything backwards. Puts the ring on, asks her to marry him and then gets down on one knee 😅

  • CDZ 15 days ago

    well, she said yes before xDD

  • Shayla The Slayer 5 months ago

    Lol... Yes it was backwards perfect! ❤️

  • Always Hungry 9 months ago

    “You wonder why I don’t like to call you my girlfriend because I want to call you my wife” REAL SMOOTH BUDDY

  • Jonathon Lastname 5 months ago

    What if he wasn't proposing

  • crazedmartinez 8 months ago

    KCohere33 your mom

  • mmw5022 9 months ago

    That went from the saddest speech to the happiest in seconds.

  • Grace Martinez 6 months ago

    0-100 real quick

  • EM Deluz 8 months ago

    Who was the next nominee ohmy i feel sorry for them 😂

  • RandomU5erName 9 months ago

    He saw the chance and boy did he take it

  • Jeremy Stubbs 9 months ago

    The Oscars won an Emmy!

  • Jim McCann 9 months ago

    Wins Emmy for making great TV.Immediately makes great TV again.

  • Prateek 6 months ago

    Lmao 😂

  • wtfutube78 9 months ago


  • Efosa Igbinovia 9 months ago

    Well...ain't nobody ever topping that Emmy acceptance speech.

  • Efosa Igbinovia 8 months ago

    @Diana Montero 😂😂😂😂

  • Diana Montero 8 months ago

    After he proposed he should have taken a line by Jay-Z and said, "I show you how to do this son." And then kicked the mic.

  • La Femme Fictionale 9 months ago

    Normally I hate public proposals, but this is so cute.

  • maggie198333 9 months ago

    @remytherat333 Sure but it takes a lot few people to participate.

  • Form of Therapy 9 months ago

    Everyone seems to be echoing the same sentiment. I'm really not a fan of public proposals, they're either too self-absorbed or cringe inducing but I think we can all feel how genuine Glen Weiss was, and I think everyone in the crowd felt it too. This felt like a very magical moment.

  • C.J. O'Dell 3 months ago

    This is a rare public proposal that works, partly because he's actually giving some of his spotlight to her.

  • shake it 4 months ago

    it real!@Daniël De

  • e 9 months ago

    "I DIDNT ASK YET" lmaooo