FASTEST CAR IN THE WORLD! | Scrap Mechanic #2

  • Published on:  2/16/2016
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  • Clash With Brahman
    Clash With Brahman a years ago+38

    Hey Roi, Can you make a flying Bath Tub. ..if You agree
    so can you Permanent This

  • Homecoming Gaming
    Homecoming Gaming 7 months ago+11

    Make The Volkswagen bumblebee from the movie “bumblebee”

  • Jeremy Chhin
    Jeremy Chhin 11 months ago+4

    When you leave a bearing alone, it just swings where ever, so you should delete those bearings in the back tires.🔨👍

  • Brn blast
    Brn blast 9 months ago+3

    Make a moving robot, ill teach you, if you did it right you'll get a Hersheys giveaway.

  • Guava Juice
    Guava Juice  3 years ago+309

    Other than a flying house, what should I build?

  • Neil Barlis
    Neil Barlis 2 months ago+2

    Can you make a playing car

  • Kim Stiner
    Kim Stiner 2 days ago

    Hay Roy can you Mack a filing car pls?

  • James Funk
    James Funk 7 days ago

    Build a monster truck bigger than your rocket ship make it have 10 motors

  • Vlog With Qiaj
    Vlog With Qiaj 11 months ago+1

    what if....this car is the next gen lowrider😂😂

  • pearl toliver
    pearl toliver 2 years ago+86

    Make a flying toilet

  • mohamed al shamy
    mohamed al shamy 2 months ago+1

    you can make flying car ;)

  • Erica Byrne
    Erica Byrne 1 months ago

    my reation to the first was luaghing becuas it is slow! lol!

  • Lamar Dennis
    Lamar Dennis 5 months ago+1

    Build a build to flying houses on episode 10

  • Lee Guile
    Lee Guile a years ago+2

    I ok man a flying house

  • aiden rafiel
    aiden rafiel a years ago+2

    Billed an sub if you find water.

  • adela Vargas
    adela Vargas a years ago+2

    guavas you can make a plane

  • Luis Celedonio
    Luis Celedonio 28 days ago

    You shuod make better car and make an extremely big ramp and fly to the sky....

  • Xx-ItsAlexa-xX _ItsOurTimeNow

    Hey roi build a flying shark

  • Juway
    Juway 2 years ago+4

    build a motorcycle with four wheels and the gas all the way up and with a lot of i mean a lot of thrusters if that is how you spell it please build it

  • Family Miah
    Family Miah a years ago+9

    Please do more Roi