Stealing From My Dentist w/ Emirichu

  • Published on:  9/15/2018
  • Get Quidd here! were really nice to me, so please check them out!Here's a playlist of Emirichu's best videos! with the one I was in, obviously)Backgrounds and primary animation by the absurdly talented Alyssa: sequence by Illymation: I got a mail box if you want to send me stuff! :D1038 E Bastanchury Rd #111Fullerton, CA 92835


  • Emirichu
    Emirichu 11 months ago+6250

    Check out Tim's stickers on Quidd!:
    And dont forget to shame him for his childhood wrongdoings :D

  • illymation
    illymation 11 months ago+6132

    “I’ve never—“

  • Dizzy Saturn
    Dizzy Saturn 7 months ago+1548

    The real question is
    Is his name tim or tom?

  • blueberry animations
    blueberry animations 4 months ago+210

    The real question is, is it really stealing if its free?

  • Northwest C7
    Northwest C7 8 months ago+134

    Please take ONE ___
    Hmm.... They never specified

  • Møøñ Ärt
    Møøñ Ärt 7 months ago+367

    All i got from my dentist were braces ;-;

  • WhateverSarah
    WhateverSarah 11 months ago+616

    Tim Tom stole from the dentist (EXPOSED) (GONE WRONG) (COPS CALLED)

  • Username Jen
    Username Jen 8 months ago+449

    All i got from dentist were some boring stickers 😖

  • _*Yuma Yastic*_
    _*Yuma Yastic*_ 3 months ago+113

    I have subtitles on soo this is what it said at 5:07
    (The demon laughs just burst out of Tim and Emily)

  • Bronze
    Bronze 4 months ago+101

    It should probably be titled "ft Emirichu" so it doesn't sound like she helped steal from the dentist.

  • RoseGold Marble
    RoseGold Marble 8 months ago+90

    Shameless sponsoring in someone else's vid.......Goood Jooooob!😂😁👌🏾👍🏾✌🏾

  • AlCubing 7
    AlCubing 7 4 months ago+22

    Why is no one talking about the noise that came out of Emily at 4:27

  • Gab Nimations
    Gab Nimations 5 months ago+34

    Tim:heh well i do like little pony

  • lolbit plush Productions
    lolbit plush Productions 1 months ago+28

    1. I woke up
    2. I went to the park
    3. I saw Tim Tom
    4. He hugged me
    5. I cried
    Now read it from 2,3,4,1,5

  • Karlie Rae Love
    Karlie Rae Love 8 months ago+33

    “ I did, I did that once “😂

  • Danjal Veskandar
    Danjal Veskandar 10 months ago+1040

    "Please take one."
    One bowl right?

  • Zero & Max
    Zero & Max 1 months ago+10

    Tim’s mom: Timothy...
    Tim: Yes mama?
    TM:did you eat the cookies Timothy?
    Tim:No mama.
    TM:you’re lying know what that means. Holds hammer

  • Y e e t D e l e t e
    Y e e t D e l e t e 1 months ago+7

    “Well, My Little Pony is pretty cool.”
    “Haha! That's weird!!”

  • The otaku Potato
    The otaku Potato 1 months ago+10

    Emily: the kindergarten gangster
    Tim tom: the second grade gangster

  • iiZque
    iiZque yesterday

    wait were you the one who took all the candy from my bucket?