"Dinner Invitation" Clip - Disney's Beauty And The Beast

  • Published on:  3/1/2017
  • "Show me the smile 😁." Watch a new clip from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, in theatres in 3D March 17! Get tickets: BeOurGuest.com


  • Sabrina Lee
    Sabrina Lee 2 years ago+2171

    "The poor thing is probably in there scared to death!" shows Belle escaping

  • jasobres
    jasobres 2 years ago+1410

    I hope he says, "YOU COME OUT OR... I'LL BREAK DOWN THE DOOR!!!" That was my favorite line in the original film.

  • Gallaxy
    Gallaxy 2 years ago+309

    "lol nvm rip"

  • Ben Pauley
    Ben Pauley 2 years ago+876

    The animation in this looks stunning.

  • ixnkz
    ixnkz 2 years ago+363

    I just realized something, one thing the original Belle didn't think of was escaping. Smart move Emma

  • KeybladeMasterAndy
    KeybladeMasterAndy 2 years ago+97

    "Shot for shot remake" my ass. The fact that she's having none of this and is trying to escape just makes this scene even funnier than in the animated version.
    Also just realized this scene is a combination of two scenes in the animated version.

  • ToucanLDM
    ToucanLDM 2 years ago+1055

    "Fine! Then go ahead and STARVE!!!" I'll loose it if that's in this movie XD

  • TheOMGsee
    TheOMGsee 2 years ago+93

    I hope at the end he roars "THEN Go Ahead and STARVE!!" and storms off

  • virusguy5611
    virusguy5611 2 years ago+16

    ... Surprisingly enough Ewan McGregor's false French accent is fine with me...

  • Inside Disney
    Inside Disney 2 years ago+39

    "Then go ahead and STAAAARRVVVVVEEE!!"
    I love these lines from the beast

  • DocDuckDodgers
    DocDuckDodgers 2 years ago+10

    Hey Obi wan is a candle in this movie

  • Madeline French
    Madeline French 2 years ago+20

    The subtitles are so bad😂 "and when she opens the dog had passion debonair smiles come show"

  • Rémi FOUQUE
    Rémi FOUQUE 2 years ago+15

    - Come, come, show me the smile!!!
    - [...]
    - Oh mon Dieu!

  • Dahiana Aquino
    Dahiana Aquino 2 years ago+9

    Lumiere: The poor thing is probably scared to death.
    Belle: made a rope out of blankets and is getting ready to climb out
    Me: Riiiiiiiigghht. Belle is utterly terrified. snorts Oh my poor sweet summer children, (Beast and company)you have no idea who you're dealing with.

  • Conor Tague
    Conor Tague 2 years ago+180

    This clip made me laugh. Thank you so much Disney, for releasing this funny scene.

  • Kate Sullivan
    Kate Sullivan 2 years ago+2

    What is fun, while watching Legion, I am so excited how well Dan Stevens plays comedy. I know its not a funny show but David has a pretty good attitude about it all.

  • Joshua Merriweather
    Joshua Merriweather 2 years ago+2

    The feels and memories of seeing this movie in live action especially this scene is grand and fantastic. I can't wait to see this

  • Mattgi562
    Mattgi562 2 years ago+99

    i wish they made plumbette (the feather duster) a little more fluffy. she just looks like she only has three feathers. anyone else agrees ? but other then that its perfect

  • Sean L
    Sean L 2 years ago+3

    She's as crazy as the old man! The beast will make off with your children! He'll come after them in the night! WE'RE NOT SAFE UNTIL HIS HEAD IS MOUNTED ON MY WALL!!! #KILLTHEBEAST#💪

  • upsizedown
    upsizedown 2 years ago+5

    Omg are they going to give us these teaser EVERY DAY, it's driving me up the wall!!! March 17th feels ages away ahhhh!!!