H3 Podcast #6 - Philip DeFranco

  • Published on:  3/14/2017
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  • h3h3Productions
    h3h3Productions  2 years ago+1977

    If you missed our last episode with Keemstar, you can still listen to it here: (APPRECIATE YA!)
    ITUNES ► https://goo.gl/desgTE
    GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC ►https://goo.gl/EnllKV

  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco 2 years ago+3381

    Thanks for having me you sexy sexy beasts. <3

  • Oliver Age 24
    Oliver Age 24 2 years ago+1508

    This comment is brought to you by Audible

  • Caius_Cosadass
    Caius_Cosadass 2 years ago+1529

    Ethan you've lost a lot of weight ! Keep it up and papa bless.

  • wungabunga
    wungabunga 2 years ago+34

    Jesus christ, a viewer gave his father a kidney? Unbelievable. What a weird world we live in nowadays.

  • CrimsonOptics
    CrimsonOptics 2 years ago+390

    With all that Philly D has gone through, it's a surprise that he's even the person he is today. It'd be easy to succumb to the darkness. It's a testament to how great of a guy he is.

  • Emmett DonkeyDoodle
    Emmett DonkeyDoodle 2 years ago+241

    When I was a child, my dad tried to kill me and then himself multiple times. He'd back off halfway through and start crying (he was an alcoholic). Eventually, he started making me hurt myself and always tried to talk me into suicide so that he wouldn't be blamed for it. He said he didn't have the energy to die, but he knew I did.
    I don't remember much of my childhood, except for things like that. My mom would spend hours telling me that she never loved me and regretted the day I was born and when I would start crying, she'd sing that song from Wizard of Oz "Ding dong the witch is dead!" I can't watch it to this day. If I even tried to resist her, she'd hurt me. She really liked hitting me in front of my friends and humiliating me in front of people. I have dissociative identity disorder from the things that have happened when I was a child, but I agree with Phil. I know I became a good person. I help people in need, I give away my things, I offer support to others, I do my best to understand where people are coming from when I talk to them. I'm afraid that if I didn't go through what I did, maybe even if I didn't develop DID, I might have ended up like my parents. I don't think what I went through makes me stronger, even though that's what people say. I think it's changed me. It's given me experiences and concepts to think about that most children never do, but that's why I'm the person I am today. And I'm proud of that person.

  • TJ Canterberry
    TJ Canterberry 2 years ago+50

    Wouldn't it be hilarious if the Matt Hoss vs. Ethan and Hila trial was on Judge Judy and the whole time she just yelled at Matt Hoss and stuff? But I guess those are just dreams.

  • Ionic
    Ionic 2 years ago+4

    I know exactly what Phil is talking about with that black hole thing, I have a crippling fear of death in general.

  • Volscente LIVE
    Volscente LIVE 2 years ago+78

    Great! Now I'm afraid to be killed by a roaming black hole! Thank you Phil!

  • GalacticAgent03
    GalacticAgent03 2 years ago+1618

    I want to see a podcast with FilthyFrank lol
    Edit: I don't know why i thought of my comment from a year ago and it had 500 then, it is at 1.6k now WHAT thank you to anyone who took the time to read this 🤣

  • Tzannisss
    Tzannisss 2 years ago+481

    After this one, you gotta get my boy Dunkey on the podcast man

  • Ry Guy
    Ry Guy 2 years ago+36

    Future podcast suggestions:
    Filthy frank
    Post Malone
    I just think it would be interesting seeing scarce lol god bless

  • Ved Vartak
    Ved Vartak 2 years ago+12

    Philip DeFranco is an inspiration i anyone alive.. amazing person

  • Cloudy
    Cloudy 2 years ago+450

    Am I the only one wondering where the #5 podcast with Keemstar went?

  • Dru Nature
    Dru Nature 2 years ago+27

    OH MY GOD, PHILLY D and H3H3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alph4
    Alph4 2 years ago+89

    Also Phil, how does it feel that H3H3 gets soft for you?

  • Cynicals
    Cynicals 2 years ago+101


  • kirstacks
    kirstacks 2 years ago+9

    Good week to have this when we're without our regular DeFranco

  • guts
    guts 2 years ago+1474

    very interesting podcast, i just hope philip wasn't upset at you asking these questions about his traumatizing childhood the whole time lol