Lil Baby "Freestyle" Official Music Video

  • Published on:  11/5/2017
  • Lil Baby "Freestyle"Directed by: Estwst PhotosFollow on IG: by: Joseph DavinciFollow on IG: to Lil Baby’s new album, “Too Hard:”


  • Gd74 Driq
    Gd74 Driq 14 days ago+704

    Whoever likes this will be rich and successful💪🔥💯

    ASMR EATING 14 days ago+674

    Who else is still listening to this August 2019 hell ya

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  • Kimberly Beckner
    Kimberly Beckner 2 months ago+1329

    this song slaps harder than my dads belt

  • wendy,kate,and yasmine vlogs nava

    Ill be here
    Like it so I remember

  • ッJrnxz
    ッJrnxz 4 days ago+91

    Who is still pumping this in august 2019?

  • Josiah Jackson
    Josiah Jackson 14 days ago+134

    This still hard in August 2019

  • Zach Flowers
    Zach Flowers 1 months ago +259

    Dude in the whit shirt look like big victor Oladipo

  • jayco 15
    jayco 15 7 days ago+79

    Like=lil baby

  • Idubbz TakesDubbs
    Idubbz TakesDubbs 1 months ago+279

    Who gonna tell the dude in white he need a bigger shirt?

  • Antwans Kompis
    Antwans Kompis 1 months ago+228

    Still listening to this song , straight fireeee bruh🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Rohan Davis
    Rohan Davis 7 days ago+62

    This song still brings the heat August 2019🔥🔥🔥

  • UltimateSumo Wager
    UltimateSumo Wager 8 months ago+8412

    The End of your like is who you are
    0. Drake
    1. Gunna
    2. Cardi B
    3. Lil Baby
    4. Travis Scott
    5. Lil Uzi Vert
    6. Kendrick Lamar
    7. Lil Mosey
    8. YG
    9. Nicki Manaj

  • Nas Vs Nasir Dooley II
    Nas Vs Nasir Dooley II 2 months ago+266

    "40's on 40's on 40's"
    I felt that💯

  • sniper wolf
    sniper wolf 21 days ago+107

    Bruh this fire af I can have this on loop for a few days

  • Abdi Hassan
    Abdi Hassan 19 hours ago+2

    My freind told me to bump this at his funeral💀

  • David G
    David G yesterday+1

    Crazy I still remember when this 1st dropped‼️🔥🔥 EVERYTHING HE SAY FAXXX💯💯💯

  • Simba Vision
    Simba Vision yesterday+1

    ironic but who noticed the snowman chain @ 1:01 ??? lol that couldn't be a coincidence. and it's the only time it's seen in the video. 🧐

  • Ultrathene
    Ultrathene 1 months ago+147

    Yo I remember looking at this song and being like damn. This blowing up it at 10m now it’s at 275... LOL

  • king of the dead
    king of the dead 1 months ago+49

    This what got me into lil baby no cap 🔥🔥🔥💯