Every Legend in Apex Legends Explained By Respawn | WIRED



    WIRED  5 months ago+3247

    Hey all! We had to reupload this video because it glitched out on us. Apologies!

  • troy boi
    troy boi 4 months ago+2084

    Lifeline: Mozambique here

  • Luem
    Luem 2 months ago+875

    Nothing is more scary than being Bangalore and deploying smoke for cover at the same time reviving a team mate while you suddenly hear a heavy breathing Bloodhound nearby.

  • The Warhog
    The Warhog 4 months ago+1095

    Who else thinks they should add a chappie skin for pathfinder?

  • Vivian Barber
    Vivian Barber 4 months ago+627

    I'm sorry, Pathfinder can't be MRVN 2.0 because the '2.0' implies there was improvement. You can't improve perfection.

  • End Nitro
    End Nitro 2 months ago+701

    Caustic is a sociopath, Mirage is egotistical, Octane is on every single drug possible, Gibraltar is on ecstasy, Wraith is depressed, Pathfinder isn't human (literally), and Bloodhound is extremely dramatic.
    Still way better than Fortnite.

  • the Irish offense A.K.A The mad lad

    Still want a drunk Irish man.

  • Lil Fair panda YT
    Lil Fair panda YT 2 months ago+568

    0:25 octane 2:05 banglore 4:55 blood hound 8:42 caustic 11:58 giblater spell that wrong 16:18 lifeline 19:38 mirage 22:45 pathfinder 25:40 wraith 30:05 BONUS. Thank me later (like comment)

  • abhaypal singh shahi
    abhaypal singh shahi 4 months ago+492

    I like how passionate they are towards the game.
    I love seeing that, it’s almost rare these days.

  • _Hopelimited _
    _Hopelimited _ 4 months ago+613

    Who else was just waiting to hear there mains backstory 🤣

  • Retardation Glorified
    Retardation Glorified 4 months ago+247

    Bangalore:i use heavy artillery
    Insert lightweight bullet instead

  • GreenYetti _
    GreenYetti _ 4 months ago+211

    Gibralter "what can I say except your welcome"

  • Juzu Productions
    Juzu Productions 4 months ago+263

    Enemy bloodhound: omae wa mo shindeiru
    Bangalore: NANI

  • Kaleo Hall
    Kaleo Hall 4 months ago+462

    I just watched a 30 minute video about a game i dont even play.

  • Cristian Vuola
    Cristian Vuola 1 months ago+70

    Can they explain why Bangalore is the only legend who doesnt have camo skins? The actual military character cant have camo and that triggers me 😂😂

  • Marvin Moore Jr.
    Marvin Moore Jr. 4 months ago+114

    #1 contender for most balanced game of 2019 . They took they time with this one guys. Let’s make sure we support people who are serious about their craft.

  • Cj
    Cj 4 months ago+158

    Awesome interview but I REALLY wanted to know why Wraith “Naruto Runs” 😂

  • Mad Cat 74
    Mad Cat 74 4 months ago+2519

    I dont expect it to happen, but I'd love for Bloodhound to have a Predator skin.

  • DanielsRUs
    DanielsRUs 4 months ago+27

    i love this game for 3 reasons. classes, mechanics, and it takes actual skill

  • DmG_Diego
    DmG_Diego 4 months ago+137

    I would like a character who can wall run