• Published on:  9/15/2018
  • Follow SSG and win a gaming chair signed by the crew! YOUTUBE- https://spacestationgaming.comNEW Line just Dropped!! -- http://www.tfoxbrand.comThe wait is over... I can’t wait any longer to show you guys the GTR.... ;) which one of these 4 is my car?!? SEPTEMBER 22nd is coming!! CAMERA GEAR: Sony a7S II 16-35mm Lense Microphone Card G7 X Mark II Signature Scooter Wheels! ME ON INSTAGRAM! - - - tannerfoxxBUSINESS - tannerfoxbiz@gmail.comoutro song! WAIT IS OVER! (YOU MUST SEE THIS)


  • Averager
    Averager 11 months ago+289

    I could never wait 10 months for a car. Like If you agree

  • jackson thompson
    jackson thompson 11 months ago+107

    Tanner has changed he click Baits way to much

  • Shawn Patterson
    Shawn Patterson 11 months ago+45

    Roses are red violets are blue I just got click baited and so did you

  • ethan chaplin
    ethan chaplin 11 months ago+19

    yo, Tanner, u should sell a hot wheels replica of your new gtr. that would be reallly reallly cooool

  • RetHun PUBG mobileYT
    RetHun PUBG mobileYT 11 months ago+23

    None of those cars are his😁

  • Alex Clausing
    Alex Clausing 11 months ago+278

    can i get 15 likes my 15th bday is next week

  • Dre Vlogs
    Dre Vlogs 11 months ago+21

    Anyone notice back bumper of his GTR? 4:13

  • bryan turner
    bryan turner 11 months ago+93

    Go to a dermatologist pretty please.

  • katie Rotherforth
    katie Rotherforth 11 months ago+1

    GTR #3 so nice!! Xx

  • MrJdmk20
    MrJdmk20 11 months ago+1

    GTR I'm thinking 2000HP

  • Jonathan Villa
    Jonathan Villa 11 months ago+157

    I know only 2% if you will see this but it’s my birthday!!!!

  • Armando castorena
    Armando castorena 11 months ago+1

    That chair is so dope👌🔥

  • Lisa Firth
    Lisa Firth 10 months ago

    I subscribed to space station gaming love the video 👍 # chair giveaway !

  • Condexxed
    Condexxed 11 months ago

    Read the bio and again I’ve been click baited smh 🤦‍♂️

  • courtney van ginkel
    courtney van ginkel 11 months ago

    $250K for the GTR..damm

  • Jo Stanford
    Jo Stanford 11 months ago+166

    I think Tanner fox should take his raptor to SD WRAP and get it wrapped

  • Carl Yates
    Carl Yates 11 months ago+4

    The 3rd one

  • Chocolate Chyp Cookiy
    Chocolate Chyp Cookiy 11 months ago

    its the color shift wide body

  • Rueben Schiavello
    Rueben Schiavello 11 months ago+5

    Stop click bating 😭

  • Cars & Casinos
    Cars & Casinos 10 months ago

    Looks like the AMS Alpha 12. Maybe push like 1000-1200hp. Carbon engine bay