70th Emmy Awards: Backstage with Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • Go backstage at the 70th Prime Time Emmy Awards with special hosts Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen.


  • AbyssGnasher 9 months ago


  • SilkyC 8 months ago

    You good? lmao I know many didnt like these two but I have always loved them so these little skits made me laugh too much

  • Mark Silverman 9 months ago

    Truly one of the most painfully unfunny bits in award show history. Aren't both of them improv actors? They couldn't come up with ONE funny line?

  • Gin Ichi 9 months ago

    are you actually planning on repeating your comment in every video of them? lol

  • Benjamin 9 months ago

    Both of who? I actually found Fred and Maya hysterical