• Published on:  2/25/2017
  • Click here for GUMMY VS. REAL PIZZA CHALLENGE!: here to see the REAL VS. GUMMY Parents Edition: GUMMY VIDEOS:World's Largest Gummy Worm vs. Kid:'s Largest Gummy Bear: Gummy Candy Maker: Fun Game Challenges!:FANTASTIC GYMNASTICS CHALLENGE: FACE SHOWDOWN!: TROUBLE CHALLENGE: HEAD CHALLENGE: FACE GAME CHALLENGE:'T BREAK THE ICE!: DENTIST WORKOUT: IT OR WEAR IT CHALLENGE: CHALLENGE: TARTS CHALLENGE: BUNNY CHALLENGE: CHALLENGE: BOOZLED CHALLENGE: BOOZLED (Parents Edition): BUCKET CHALLENGE: CHALLENGE: CHALLENGE: Challenge PARENTS EDITION: CREAM CHALLENGE: NUGGET CHALLENGE: AHOY CHALLENGE: WATERMELON CHALLENGE: CHALLENGE: SODA CHALLENGE: OUT OUR OTHER CHANNELS!EvanTubeHD: US!Instagram:'s time for another viewer requested challenge! A lot of people wanted to see us do the REAL vs. Gummy Challenge, so we thought we'd give it a try. There are two different plates to choose from. One has a real food item and the other has it's gummy equivalent. It's a game of chance to see who will get lucky and avoid the gross foods. To make things interesting, we're throwing in some dried squid, worms, and fried frogs legs into the mix!EvanTubeHD T-shirts NOW AVAILABLE!: Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound


  • Nimmi Sivadas 2 months ago

    Gummy food - likeReal food - comment

  • Heather Keener 20 hours ago

    Hate pickels

  • Aqua Chan yesterday

    Nimmi Sivadas both

  • YTthebeyagame chan 2 months ago

    2019??👇 (if who watch this right now)

  • Reisya Anindya 2 days ago

    @Doli Doli Hello I from Indonesia...

  • Doli Doli 2 days ago


  • Ivana Talar 2 days ago

    Btw Evan why do you hate frog leg and burger and hot dog i love them no hat thour vids are the best

  • Joshua Lum 8 days ago

    1:29- R.I.P headphone users3:01- Same thingDang that lady can scream

  • RY5ER 12321 3 days ago

    Joshua Lum lol 😆 I cant stop laughing at the first one the 1:29 one

  • Joshua Lum lmao

  • Lambert Matthew yesterday

    So it is true a frog does taste like chicken..😄Edit: I'm not sure though..

  • jovin herbolario 4 days ago

    3:52 when you get caught by your mom playing on the phonein 3:00 am

  • TRL 3 days ago

    ThErE wAs A FrOg iN tHE cHiCkEn

  • Willi Burgemeister 22 hours ago

    1:29Earrape: *exists*Jillian: Im Going to end this mans whole career

  • Sahra ! 5 months ago

    Who watched in 2019

  • Elisha Huffstead 8 days ago

    Me I didn't know what YouTube was in 2017.😀 Jokes

  • Zuhalini Zainal 8 days ago


  • davidbrxh16 _ 6 days ago

    0:00 me when i see apex legends or play it