The Bizarre Disappearance of Bobby Dunbar

  • Published on:  8/24/2018
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  • S
    S 4 months ago+5518

    if i was getting whipped in the street i would say i was Bobby Dunbar too

  • luxury ant
    luxury ant 4 months ago+5718

    will the real bobby dunbar please stand up

  • Bills.
    Bills. 1 months ago+1268

    Bobby is in Area 51.
    Case solved.
    We'll find him in September

  • The Council of duos
    The Council of duos 3 months ago+1692

    "Are you bobby dunbar?"
    well yes, but actually no

  • Audrey Blau
    Audrey Blau 2 months ago+1121

    if i had the nickname “heavy” i would disappear too

  • GloomilyCute
    GloomilyCute 4 months ago+3124

    Real Bobby was just forgotten about as soon as they found a replacement. No closure for his death or disappearance. That's so sad.

  • Ombr3G0re
    Ombr3G0re 4 months ago+3242

    How can two boys UNRELATED look SO MUCH ALIKE that their own mother can’t identify them

  • Gucci Goober
    Gucci Goober 4 months ago+2097

    "dad, are you really bobby dunbar?"
    "Well son no but i just went with it after they gave me a bike and a pony i was like mk f**k it"

  • Faith Ogg
    Faith Ogg 4 months ago+2415

    you know i think bobbys mom should get her iron levels check lmao

  • Idollize
    Idollize 2 months ago+1084

    “The only corpse they turned up from these efforts was that of a deer”
    Elon Musk laughs in the distance

  • Bellamitra Thompson
    Bellamitra Thompson 4 months ago+1152

    I wonder if the person who actually kidnapped or killed him are just reading all the papers and soaking up the tea like 'ha, idiots'

  • Sissy K
    Sissy K 4 months ago+996

    I think I know what really happened to Bobby, he was in a swamp right
    Shrek didn’t want him in his swamp

  • ibhouse
    ibhouse 11 months ago+28813

    Did people just forget what their kids looked like back then?!

  • that's g a y
    that's g a y 4 months ago+742

    Damn Bobby's mum needs to stop fainting

  • Abby Pitre
    Abby Pitre 3 months ago+809

    Imagine if he wasn't Dunbar or Anderson... What if the uncle had the anderson boy, but then endes up losing him and found another boy who looked like him. That would explain why he didn't identify any of the parents as his own.

  • thicyoongz
    thicyoongz 1 months ago+220

    this just makes me appreciate mothers with twins, that can actually tell their kids apart.

  • Gaming Sokz
    Gaming Sokz 3 months ago+726

    This is how many times they said “boy” this episode

  • Ashley Scanlon
    Ashley Scanlon 11 months ago+4273

    How do two boys just coincidentally have the same scar on the left toe , like what

  • tabassum khan
    tabassum khan 1 months ago+144

    I would like to have a moment of silence for the lost Bobby Dunbar