Why Does Greek Sound Like Spanish?!

  • Published on:  1/12/2019
  • Have you ever noticed that Greek sounds a lot like Spanish? If so, find out what makes them sound similar!

    Special thanks to Edu Tudela and Joanna Hotova for their Spanish and Greek audio samples! And thanks to Jimmy Giokezas for his additional Greek samples.

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  • Andrei Martini
    Andrei Martini 51 minutes ago

    Sorry but does no sounds
    Greek Sounds more closer to vulgarian language then spinish
    Yes Portugal sounds like Rusya true I do speak Portuguese and Spanish too a little Rusya,German

  • Peri Nestor
    Peri Nestor an hour ago

    Very good video explains everything,both languages sounds same,G ,j ,D sounds barbaric.In Greek those letters sounds more softly,for example George,Yeoryios,Jonh,Yiannis,Jason,Iason.And do not forget,Spanish people and Greek people,and Italians,are very close.So the words porta,there are a Greek word thyra,cousina,greek estia,and more.

  • Jhoan Narvaez
    Jhoan Narvaez an hour ago

    wow, my first language is the spanish and for me it is very different, i thing that Italian is more similar because i heard people speaking that and i understood almost everything

  • Sebastian Martinez
    Sebastian Martinez an hour ago

    El Italiano y el Griego son mas parecidos que el Español al Griego
    Siendo sincero

  • Federico De la Cruz
    Federico De la Cruz 2 hours ago

    you are a scary man paul

  • cobainzlady
    cobainzlady 2 hours ago

    greeks did colonize spain, hundreds of years BC. so, maybe they are really ancient greeks, with that kind of vocalization. but others came and they learned those languages on top of thier own, with thier own accent....???? to me greek sounds also like italian.

  • xuxon24
    xuxon24 2 hours ago

    Well I speak a Latin American Spanish dialect and they sand fairly similar and I never noticed simply because I've never heard someone Greece speak. I might have hear it and thought it was one of the dialects spoken in Spain.

    ALEXANDERNIGTH ZZ 2 hours ago

    Castilian Spanish no spanish...

  • P Anagenesis
    P Anagenesis 2 hours ago

    For the "θ" sound in Spanish, apparently there was a monarch hundreds of years ago who spoke with a lisp and forced the whole population to adopt his pronounciation.
    That's why other hispanophones (e.g. latinos) don't pronounce it that way.

  • Dilyan Dimitrov Goshev

    Ilaty greek and spanish sound same ...xDD Rom Impire...greek is eastern rom impire...Not nativ lagnuege from balkans ...

  • P Anagenesis
    P Anagenesis 2 hours ago

    I have been thinking the same thing! The accent, inflection and pronounciation are very similar. Plus, supposedly the Basquians have a common ancentry with the Hellenes.

  • David Ruiz
    David Ruiz 3 hours ago

    Pues, a mi me parece quien dijo q suenan parecidos esta en drogas....

  • HeliasValenti
    HeliasValenti 3 hours ago

    You forgot δέλτα-de. I don't know any other language that pronounces d as δ, not as nt...

  • Javier Leal
    Javier Leal 3 hours ago

    Hey! Here's a native Latin American Spanish speaker.
    I've always noticed the phonological similarities between Iberic Spanish and Greek, recalling I've met Greeks who speaks Spanish as a 2nd. Language, and their pronunciation is amazing! :D

  • Tony Shiakallis
    Tony Shiakallis 3 hours ago+1

    I always recognise when a Greek is speaking English, because they have a characteristic Greek coming through in their English. The only time I have been wrong is when the person is Spanish, they both have the same English speaking sound.

  • Ανθή Ποζατζίδου

    Hello! I´m a native Greek speaker! Greetings from Greece to whoever is reading this. ¡Saludos a todos! I´ve been told in the past that my accent sounds Spanish when I speak English, but I've never really understood that until I started taking Spanish lessons. Now, after every Spanish lesson, I need a bit of time to focus on what people are saying and then understand whether the one who is taking is speaking in Greek or Spanish and the same happens every time I watch a Spanish series or movie.

  • jcgacio
    jcgacio 3 hours ago

    Spaniard here, we love you greek people! Ps.: of course both languages sound similar, and that's pretty cool!!

  • sonpamelinha
    sonpamelinha 4 hours ago

    I am from Spain and have been living in UK for the last 15 years. Often when I meet- hear greek people speaking English I think they are spanish...phonetically we sound much alike

  • LOVE
    LOVE 4 hours ago

    To the single language speaking person, or those who have very little exposure to a foreign language, they will agree that both languages sound the same. I speak 6 languages including Spanish and Greek and to me they are very different and immediately identifiable when speaking.

  • Oscar
    Oscar 4 hours ago

    si...se parecen, pero tambien se parece al italiano