This Is How Ariana Grande Spends Her Millions

  • Published on:  2/21/2019
  • Ariana Grande is hitting the music charts with her songs boyfriend, 7 rings & thank u next. So, how she spends her millions she's been earning and how she became so famous are truly surprising.Interested? Check out other amazing stories about our world and subscribe to the channel! ► ◄Like This Is How Kylie Jenner Spends Her Millions "10 Richest Kids In The World 2019" This Is How "THANOS" Josh Brolin Spends His Millions" many celebrities can say they started on their chosen career path at the age of eight? Well, Ariana Grande can. This musical sensation is known all over the world for her catchy songs like "Thank U, Next," "Seven Rings," "No Tears Left To Cry," and "God Is A Woman." She's releasing tune after tune and she's showing no signs of quitting. But Ariana's been around on the music scene for far longer than you might have once thought. Since the 2000s, she's been performing across the nation and sharing her incredible voice with millions of people. And now, she's got a net worth that really shows us that Ariana knows exactly what she's doing. As of 2019, Ariana Grande has a net worth of $50 million. That's mostly made up from her sold out, international tours, but also from her time spent on various TV shows and a variety of collaboration deals. She might be best known for being a real life Dangerous Woman but there's much more to Ariana than first meets the eye. And when it comes to her spending habits, you might be surprised at what this star is splashing out on.She’s one of Time’s 100 most influential people in the world, she’s headlining Coachella Music Festival, and she's also the third most followed person on Instagram. Her Facebook page had more than 30 million likes and Ariana is also the 11th most followed person on Twitter. What we're trying to say here is that everyone wants to learn more about this pop sensation and we can't see that changing for a while. For copyright matters please contact us at: Our Social Media:Facebook: For more videos and articles visit:


  • TheRichest
    TheRichest  5 months ago+823

    Comment below which song from Ariana is your favorite!
    Secret question: Are you a dog person like Ariana or more of a cat person? 😮

  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande 5 months ago+3032

    Retail therapy is definitely her new addiction

  • Dustin Slagle
    Dustin Slagle 5 months ago+2632

    You guys forgot about Myron. She adopted Mac Miller's dog.

  • Gamer Eclipsxxx
    Gamer Eclipsxxx 5 months ago+2118

    victoria justice: i think this is how we ALL spend our millions

  • Chris Jarma
    Chris Jarma 5 months ago+2034

    took to damn long to get to the point

  • y’all bitches can’t even spell skinny

    And people still think she’s a stuck up diva

  • Isadora Gomes
    Isadora Gomes 5 months ago+1768

    How could you forget Piggy Smallz...? How?

  • Sam
    Sam 5 months ago+1224

    People at TheRichest...y’all know the ponytail is a custom made extension right?

  • Arnold Eugene
    Arnold Eugene 5 months ago+1052

    I'm very impressed. Ariena has proven to be an extremely responsible person, especially considering her young age.

  • chunchun
    chunchun 5 months ago+443

    We didn't ask how she made her money, we asked how she spends it 🙄🙄

  • Gab xox
    Gab xox 5 months ago+597

    7:30 for the title, if you're wondering :)

  • Jungkook’s Shiny Coconut Hair

    1) House in New York (16 million dollars)
    2) Cars
    3) Private jet
    4) 9 Pets (how cute)
    5) Expensive hair products for her iconic ponytail
    6) Her tattoos
    7) Raising money for charity and contributing to it
    Hope this helped :))

  • B Cote
    B Cote 5 months ago+248

    she spent so much on the seven rings

  • Imaan Malik
    Imaan Malik 5 months ago+392

    I already know everything cause she is my everything get it?

  • Cylixa
    Cylixa 5 months ago+176

    I would love to be one of ariana's dogs

  • Sassy Muffin Trash
    Sassy Muffin Trash 5 months ago+300

    I mean she's ritch. She can do what she wants.

  • I'm okay.
    I'm okay. 4 months ago+40

    She did all of this at such a young age and I'm still here in my couch doing nothing

  • Aisha Shine
    Aisha Shine 2 months ago+22

    7:30 is where the real video starts. Selling replays for a like

  • Jonae
    Jonae 5 months ago+111

    11:22 that picture of ophelia is shady, what’d she do to y’all 😭😭

  • needy angel
    needy angel 5 months ago+61

    0:30 and now the woman with most followers😍😭