Why Boredom is Good For You

  • Published on:  9/29/2018
  • Boredom makes you more creative, altruistic, introspective, and helps with autobiographical planning.This video was sponsored by LastPass: http://bit.ly/2wAsdUuI feel like this video might come across as condescending but the person I'm really talking to is myself. Despite the fact that I know how useful it can be to be bored, I still find myself trying to fill every last moment with stimulus. Boredom is unpleasant - the open, unstructured thinking that can take place can also feel pointless. But now I'm made this video to remind myself how important boredom is so hopefully I'll make more time to be bored.More resources:The boredom leads people to shock themselves study:Just Think: The challenges of the disengaged mindhttps://wjh-www.harvard.edu/~dtg/WILS...Boredom leads people to consider their future and set goals study:Back to the future: Autobiographical planning and the functionality of mind-wanderinghttps://www.sciencedirect.com/science...On boredom and altruism:https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/ca72...Does boredom make us more creative?https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/1...Amazing filming by Raquel NunoMusic from http://epidemicsound.com "I Think I Was There" "Critical Thinking 2" "Wide Open" "Seaweed" "A Sound Foundation 1"Music also by Kevin MacLeod http://incompetech.com "Fig Leaf Rag"


  • MrShroud
    MrShroud 10 months ago+10345

    To stave off boredom, I watched a video on why I shouldn't stave off boredom

  • Karthik Rambhatla
    Karthik Rambhatla 3 months ago+662

    I'm still scrolling the comments to avoid boredom.. 😂

  • DungeonFreak
    DungeonFreak 3 months ago+645

    "Like getting this guy's leg outta my face! That'd be perfect!"
    The most aggressive we've ever seen Derek lol

  • Michael Espeland
    Michael Espeland 1 months ago+140

    People who use their phones in traffic need to revaluate if they should be driving at all.

  • Sophie Grey
    Sophie Grey 3 months ago+337

    Boredom is dangerous for me. If I'm bored, my mind instantly locks onto my existential dread and goes nowhere else until I'm distracted again.

  • MarsLos10
    MarsLos10 3 months ago+2744

    A while ago I decided not to use my smartphone at all for a week. Instead I used an oldschool Nokia phone to make calls etc. I had that unpleasant feeling of boredom very often, every day in the 30 min long bus transportation to college, in my algebra class, when I was eating I didn't entertain myself by watching YouTube, I was bored when I was in the toilet... Sometimes I couldn't stand it, and for example, I would grab a shampoo next of me and read the ingredients while I was doing my thing in the toilet, or I played Snake on my Nokia phone in the bus, but I was generally more observant of my enviroment, which is a plus.
    But yeah, this video is so true. I play the piano as a hobbie, and that week without my phone I had more ideas of melodies I could make, it felt less boring to learn new stuff. Our phones and social media are trying hard to keep us entertained on our News Feed, by throwing to us countless new and useless information that our lazy brains love. One day I met a friend, she was walking and also scrolling on her phone. "Why do you do that?" I asked. "Walking is boring" she replied, and I didn't like it. Our world is beautiful! If you don't like seeing what's going on around you while you are WALKING, then what?! That screen isn't your life... "And if I was scrolling on my phone too, like you did, we would pass each other without even noticing and say a single 'hi'. Isn't that weird?". She didn't know what to say.
    Lastly, that particular week I was less lazy in general. I didn't have the option to watch "just one" YouTube video before getting out of bed. I couldn't sleep but I was bored. So, to kill my boredom I could either let my mind wander in thoughts and daydream, or get up and start my day routine earlier, or read a book. All of these options are surely better for your mind than watching an episode of Big Bang Theory or watch stories on Instagram.
    These are my thoughts. I totally agree with the video. Our brains are prisoners of that fast life. I don't say that life was better before the Internet 'cause Internet and new technology etc are undoubtedly brilliant inventions! We just need to learn how to use this powerful tool wisely and give our amazing minds some space to shine. Thanks for your time.

  • Rama Shtovba LDS
    Rama Shtovba LDS 3 months ago+143

    Wow I literally have watch this video because I was bored, now I know, that I should of not watched this video and just stayed bored.

  • Carazy123
    Carazy123 3 months ago+141

    Dang, now I feel guilty for watching your video.
    Never felt that before...

  • High Beam
    High Beam 2 months ago+110

    his logo = Ve
    V = Vsauce
    e = 5
    Veritasium is Vsauce 5

  • Pawel M
    Pawel M 10 hours ago+1

    What you talk about is the openness to the Holy Spirit… which is the Spirit of Love (Altruism), Creativity (Designer of the World), Wisdom, Life, Peace and All the Goodness… :)

  • Ali Azizi
    Ali Azizi 3 months ago+1395

    "Oh man, that's something to really think about..."
    clicks on next video

  • MexicanosDelMundo
    MexicanosDelMundo 2 months ago+80

    3:15 Funniest indirect complaint ever by a YouTuber 😁

  • Brotelho
    Brotelho 3 months ago+31

    Back in my day we did drugs instead of being bored and hating life.

  • NS.
    NS. 3 months ago+50

    Idk why but I first read the title as "Why Freedom is good for you".

  • HimNotYou
    HimNotYou 3 months ago+29

    Me: Is currently bored
    Video: Gets recommended
    Me: How did Youtube know •_•

  • Y R
    Y R 10 months ago+1590

    Got bored watching the video, had to scroll down to read the comments for entertainment.

  • PockASqueeno
    PockASqueeno 3 months ago+12

    is bored
    watches video to alleviate boredom
    video happens to be about how boredom is good
    video also is about how one should avoid social media, even though it IS social media
    continues watching video despise the idea of the video, which suggests to stop watching it
    Am I doing this right?

  • Harsh Adukia
    Harsh Adukia yesterday+1

    3:53 Hours of Netflix makes me ask the same question.

  • Shipra Yadav
    Shipra Yadav 3 months ago+13

    I like how whenever he has a question, he finds that blue t-shirt guy.

  • Sarath Chandra
    Sarath Chandra 13 hours ago

    Very usefull and meaningful topic. Thanks for the video.