This Player Works At EPIC GAMES! Don't Believe It?

  • Published on:  9/13/2018
  • This Player Works At EPIC GAMES! (Fornite Funny & WTF Moments #130)► Llama heart Merch:'s up guys, today I combine some of the funniest Fortnite moments including wtf moments to funny fails to a big video! Can we smash 5,000 likes for daily video episode 130 tomorrow!?► Send your moments here: just Shoot me an email: to everyone who was a part of todays video. You can find these awesome people below for more amazing Fortnite content:► Note: If there are any mistakes with the credits, or someone submitted your clip claiming it was theirs please email us: Thank you! Crona EssaTaichou FwuffyUnicorns Spxctator + Reversality Riezawer Play2Game2What soul Taurean-kp Vedoya


  • reception guy238 4 months ago

    Which season you start to play?Like 1 2 3Comment 4 5 6 7Idk im curiose🤔

  • GabumonXyt 6 days ago

    Mid season 7.

  • Jack Carter 8 days ago


  • Bts Army forever 5 months ago

    3:17 what will beat this army?1 like = pump 10 like = rocket launcher 100 like = army of default

  • Pep Per a months ago

    Bts Army forever 1.k like= an army of defaults with miniguns

  • Tsaki 522 a months ago


  • Ladarius Williams 8 months ago

    1like=1win for u on a solo now many wins can we get uOnly one because I'm the only one

  • kevin_OVERSHOT owner 1 months ago

    3k wins.

  • DaFragileTomato 1 months ago

    I’m insane

  • GivePs4 4 months ago

    This is how much iq you have👇 based on how much likes

  • BlueHydro YT 13 days ago


  • BlueHydro YT 13 days ago

    Connor Mack hey fight me in real life,oh.. wait. You don’t have a real life....

  • xxxtentacion 4 months ago

    3:24 awww that default skin is hero

  • YXNGxPIGGY 1 months ago

    ArE YuO THe reEl XxXteNtaCIon

  • lil joey 3 months ago

    @UnknownCupid 103 makes sense

  • Cool Beanz 3 months ago

    How many season 8 wins u will get👇

  • Dog Supremo 24 days ago

    Cool Beanz 1

  • Sophie Abi Mansour a months ago


  • YeeTee 4 months ago

    This is how awesome you are out of 1👇

  • bigruster225 1 months ago

    I wish people were that awsome to stop begging for likes

  • BlueHydro YT 2 months ago

    YeeTee I’m awesome and I won’t like cuz I’m a savage

  • BeastGaMeZ 4 months ago

    If you like this, you will get a free Victory Royale the next game you play. I promise you!

  • TᗩᑎᗩᗪIᗩᑎ a months ago

    BeastGaMeZ you liar I want my like back

  • Volt xMilk 1 months ago

    @YXNGxPIGGY true

  • gaming with chris 4 months ago

    1:28 my spider sences are starting to tingle

  • Amicle 1 months ago

    even his pickaxe?

  • Susana Bautista diaz 3 months ago

    Tu que mal video

  • XS 999 5 months ago

    1:57 never mess with a default