Delusional Owner Thinks He Gets The Same Produce As The White House | Kitchen Nightmares



  • Leia
    Leia 36 minutes ago


  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob an hour ago

    A greasy soup lmao

  • Livi Patterson
    Livi Patterson an hour ago

    If he says petit carrots one more time I'm going to throw one of tender elk medallions at his big ass nose

  • UltraCAE
    UltraCAE 3 hours ago

    Joe: “This is the freshest food hands down”
    *Takes Food Out Of Freezer And Starts Microwaving It*

  • UltraCAE
    UltraCAE 3 hours ago

    All those waiters were definitely fired

  • Selven Reinen
    Selven Reinen 5 hours ago

    5:30 then don't charge me for raw food, thank you

  • Aiden Wilson
    Aiden Wilson 5 hours ago

    French onion soup did not look right I was literally sick

  • Paying for Free speech
    Paying for Free speech 6 hours ago+1

    3:12 so, can you see my rim?

  • a guy
    a guy 7 hours ago

    Why are you putting carrots on the pastry?!

  • Lost in Sauce
    Lost in Sauce 7 hours ago

    Ramsey absolute bitched the owner

  • ZyloX
    ZyloX 11 hours ago

    "Our food is FrEsH!"
    *puts in microwave*
    Me: *looks at this video and realizes that I'm in the restaurant*
    *instantly walks out*

  • TheTrueEnjoyME
    TheTrueEnjoyME 12 hours ago

    6:10 did the guy say 5 seasons? :D

  • Running Flare
    Running Flare 13 hours ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Melly Ivy
    Melly Ivy 14 hours ago

    I need the full episode!! Help?

  • S O
    S O 17 hours ago

    His attempt at a Scottish accent is as bad as his food.

  • B schuler
    B schuler 19 hours ago

    What's the Five Seasons?

  • Theuniverse Isaniceplace

    Men chefs are better than bitch cooks lmao

  • alexsid001
    alexsid001 22 hours ago

    Serves Raw Food
    Gets Handed Back Raw Food
    "You don't get to hand me raw food"

  • Gypsie Rose
    Gypsie Rose 22 hours ago

    How stupid can this guy really be? There’s no way he’s getting the same as the White House.

  • JereBruceO
    JereBruceO 22 hours ago

    5:49 when the edible kicks in