Ariana Grande - Everyday (Lyric Video) ft. Future

  • Published on:  2/1/2017
  • Everyday ft. Future (Official Lyric Video)Taken from the album Dangerous WomanSong Available Here: with Ariana: by Chris Marrs PilieroProduced by Andrew LeriosMusic video by Ariana Grande performing Everyday ft. Future. © 2017 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. of Ariana Grande: here:


  • Mel Richo
    Mel Richo 2 years ago+6461

    He give it to her everyday because she's Into him which make her walk side to side like a dangerous women 😂

  • Andrew 1001
    Andrew 1001 3 months ago+4722

    Ariana needs her bangs back
    Omg they look so cute on her

  • stanbtsstantalent stantwicepinkstantalent

    Ariana : How much cute and sexy should i be ??
    Producer: YuH

    COMPILATIONS 3 months ago+2891

    let's make it a bangs appreciation comment🖤

  • Fabiana
    Fabiana 3 months ago+1550

    this was one of her best looks ever. i love u forever.

  • monlight_ babe
    monlight_ babe 3 months ago+1054

    future: u fell on a bad guy
    billie eiliesh : im the bad guy

    SPVNKE 7 days ago+116

    Who's watching with me August 2019 ?

  • Bitch Carbonara
    Bitch Carbonara 4 months ago+1744

    Everglow's bon bon chocolat "everything everything" line kinda sound like this hahaha.

  • QuencySVlogs
    QuencySVlogs 4 months ago+2095

    who came after everglow bon bon chocolat 💀

  • Dana Villarreal
    Dana Villarreal 14 days ago+129

    Can we just take a moment & appreciate her beauty?😭

  • Nur Edlynn
    Nur Edlynn 2 months ago+279

    the fact that she is beautiful in any type of hairstyles 😍

  • angi
    angi 3 days ago+10

    this is ariana's best look PERIODT

  • skadi
    skadi 4 months ago+195


    JANICE NISHANTHANI 11 months ago+3892

    she's trying to be cute but she already the cutest

  • hehehe hahaha
    hehehe hahaha 2 months ago+98

    Looking at ariana grande's bangs makes me wanna cut my hair so that i can get bangs too

  • Law Rence
    Law Rence 21 days ago+84

    I remember that time when it was uploaded about an hour ago and it's now 2 years ago, time really flies...

  • Rahul Virat
    Rahul Virat 1 months ago+115

    You can use 👇 button as Ariana is the cutest button

  • Wawa yoong
    Wawa yoong 5 months ago+461

    Who came here after watching Everglow - Bon Bon Chocolate ?

  • Why is this in my reconmendations?

    If singers had a group chat together
    Demi: We're cool for the summer!
    Justin: Where are you now?
    Selena: I just wanna look good for you
    Justin: What do you mean?
    Selena: I'm so sick of that same old love
    Justin: Is it too late now to say sorry?
    Ariana: FOCUS ON ME!
    Taylor: In your wildest dreams!
    Demi: What's wrong with being confident?
    Adele: Hello..
    Drake: You used to call me on my cell phone
    The Weeknd: I only call you when it's half past 5
    One Direction: But baby I'm perfect
    Walk the Moon: shut up... And dance with me.
    MAGIC!: Why'd u gotta be so rude?

  • Girlfriends 4Life
    Girlfriends 4Life 3 months ago+175

    Did Ariana Grande just dab? She looks so happy rn i love her😍😍