Are JD(S) And Congress Mocking Democracy? | The Debate With Arnab Goswami



  • vijai
    vijai 1 months ago+60

    Truly waiting BJP to administrate my state Karnataka 🙏🙏🙏 we need our Roads and infrastructure to be developed especially at Bangalore , present govt. has no time and no focus on any such

  • Ashim Raizada
    Ashim Raizada 1 months ago+46

    This man Saif from Karnataka is MAD. If elction is held today this idiot shud know that BJP will be back and Congress will be WIPED OUT as will JDS ... both of these are family Private Limited Company...

  • Alex Dsouza
    Alex Dsouza 1 months ago+53

    Arnab I really appreciate the way you insult Garga or GHAGRA OF MAMTA BANERJEE

  • dhira Mistry
    dhira Mistry 1 months ago+24

    Kick out whole congress lot of India. Leading Italy family should be thrown out first

  • rupesh kumar
    rupesh kumar 1 months ago+14

    These screaming JDs people think only they r in Karnataka and Kannadigas - we voted against them in Lok sabha ... we will repeat it if we must

  • dota2utor
    dota2utor 1 months ago+44

    I urge everyone to dump these vicious divisive snakes, more so my brothers and sisters of Karnataka. Let's come together and kick them out.

  • Gopala Shetty
    Gopala Shetty 1 months ago+87

    I hate Congress and JDS because they looted taxpayers money

  • Purushotham Hungi
    Purushotham Hungi 1 months ago+13

    Syed Abbas has gone mad 🤣🤣🤣 People of Karnataka are fed up with the Kitchdi Sarkar 😠 It's a biggining to the end of Congress and JDS of Karnataka 😤

  • vidyad madhusudan
    vidyad madhusudan 1 months ago+14

    DK Shivakumar was in Mumbai trying to bring the rebel MLAs, but at the same time his party MLAs were resigning and running away from congress. Congress is a gone case, no one can revive congress now.

  • Dr.Lakshmi Tripathi
    Dr.Lakshmi Tripathi 1 months ago+20

    # congress is over ..yes today is my fast but i m going to eat lots of sweet ..Atal Bihari sir ..

  • Abhinav
    Abhinav 1 months ago+8

    All Powerful members and Spokesperson of Congress are Muslims. This is a matter of thought for Hindus if u r still voting for Islamic Congress.

  • Arvind Govilkar
    Arvind Govilkar 1 months ago+12

    I like Dinesh Murugan's one line write-up. Ataljee's statement is 100% truth.

  • Dr.Lakshmi Tripathi
    Dr.Lakshmi Tripathi 1 months ago+22

    Congress mukt Bharat ...Atal bihari great primeminister of country .
    People be with your ..

  • Kiran Naik
    Kiran Naik 1 months ago+8

    Great relief
    Congress is gone.
    Can't wait to see BJP in Karnataka

  • vidyad madhusudan
    vidyad madhusudan 1 months ago+11

    Congress spokesmen will always taunt BJP by saying that they had won only 2 seats in 1984. But even then, there was no such crisis in BJP. This crisis will wipe out congress from India.

  • Sridhar Santhanam
    Sridhar Santhanam 1 months ago+8

    With the closure of the Islamic bank , even the jds and Congress combine govt closes. Dukhan bandh ho gaya. TMC is next. Again quitting half way through because it has become a fish market fight. It's not a debate.

  • A_21_N
    A_21_N 1 months ago+8

    Atalji must be smiling from the heaven today. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Pallavi Nagabushan
    Pallavi Nagabushan 1 months ago+8

    Congress will be destroyed in another six states in India

  • Lalita Parsuraman
    Lalita Parsuraman 1 months ago+7

    What to expect from papuwho is good for nothing he is a failure in life and in politics

  • Mukund Shamlal Shamlal
    Mukund Shamlal Shamlal 1 months ago+5

    this is gatbandhans of Congress. CHOOR