Sylas: The Unshackled | Champion Trailer - League of Legends



  • AsianLeprechaun 5 months ago

    Next champ will steal your credit card details

  • Proftyion-2 3 days ago


  • Mikey_mo 26 days ago

    @Freaky game HECK i dont have

  • Legal Loli 5 months ago

    *Watching Teemo walking to shrooms is funny and satisfying admit it*

  • Alduos Gameplay 16 days ago

    Terizla Vs Sylas ahhahah LoL

  • Legal Loli 2 months ago

    @Efren sanchez lmao 😂

  • Bombabo 5 months ago

    This is the epitome of “no u”

  • theCrimsonViper 4 months ago

    No US

  • QuitsPlane 5 months ago

    i liked this comment because it had 666 likes

  • Superior Sandwich 5 months ago

    lets make a champion that has 134 different ults

  • Hanno van Baarle 22 days ago

    @JustYui Wait really?!?! ooh thats cool. never play blind so ill never see it in action

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  • HENRY THE RC CAR 5 months ago

    Great voice acting 👍

  • NukeBluff 3 months ago

    He smashed it

  • The Great Nobby 4 months ago

    it lost some power when he said "to the ground". the way he said it

  • ReKsuQ 5 months ago

    Me: i just got my ult!Sylas: OUR ULT *soviet athem starts playing*Never had this many likes ;-; guess i need friends

  • Philip Yao 2 months ago

    ReKsuQ if you already have hijack, you can steal peoples’ ult before they’re lvl 6

  • Steven Eric Henning 4 months ago

    It's funny though, I have been playing Sylas since release now and often hit lv. 6 before the enemy laner, so I got their ult before they got it themselves

  • 周润嘉 5 months ago

    In Soviet Demacia. Sylas comes for u

  • louis 1 months ago

    @ReaperSkull is that why they created article 58,which is so briefly define that you could literally jail for anything and endure 28 methods of torture such as ball crushing, tickling, boiling, forced to scream while at the same time starving, thirsting and sleepyness for about a week. And if you own a business, the rest of your family can join in the fun unless you give all you gold, and that include your workers too. Try to complain? Good luck not getting you and your friends being caught, and that i...

  • Sujad 4 months ago

    @ReaperSkull Oh, is that why every communist countries invariably failed and when people from successful, capitalist countries, they found wanton waste, corruption and human suffering? The Great Leap Forward? Holodomor? Venezuela? North Korea?Communism doesn't work. Only people more stupid than flat-earthers believe it can work. Communists have the mental abilities of a smashed potato.

  • Joseph Helms 5 months ago

    Ezreal: Lotta good mages out there! NONE of THEM are THIS HOT!Sylas: Hold my beer.

  • Athan 14 days ago


  • Zneaker 1 months ago

    @Pyke from bilgewater r/fockingwhoosh

  • Anonymus PW 5 months ago

    Hey, Rubick old friend.How r u doing?

  • stevie yanuza 29 days ago

    @Epoch Pilot Our Magus

  • Epoch Pilot 4 months ago

    @brexks seento ;))))

  • Rob Walt 5 months ago

    15 years in the dark and guy couldn't do leg day....

  • Jello 3 months ago