North Carolina and South Carolina Compared

  • Published on:  8/10/2018
  • Mr. Beat compares and contrasts North Carolina and South Carolina.Want your pick for two places to be compared? Your idea gets picked when you donate on Patreon: donate on Paypal: Beat's band: Beat on Twitter: Beat on Facebook: by Matt Beat. All images used under fair use guidelines or found in public domain. Music by Electric Needle Room (Matt Beat).Thanks to Tom Richey for collaborating with me for this video.South Carolina channel:Tom Richey: Carolina channels:Mr. Beast: Pluribus Unum: credits:Justin Cozart Decumanus KmusserBrian StansberryCivilwarwomenblog.combrandon walkerCharlotte Observer ArchivesTurboknowledgeJustin ChampionJames WillamorBobistravelingTwo Hearted RiverNASA Goddard Space Flight CenterSpencer MeansGerry DincherAdamglanzmanAkhenaton06 Michael TraceyWashuotakuFamartinVideo credits:Djjudd1North Carolina and South CarolinaTwo bordering states, along the East Coast of these United States. Both in the American South. Anyway, let’s just start with the question...why are there two Carolinas? Why’d they have to be all separate and stuff?Both states are pretty religious, with Christianity dominating as the most popular religion in both. Protestant Christianity, in particular. In terms of politics, South Carolina is definitely more conservative-leaning. North Carolina has become a swing state for presidential elections in recent years, while South Carolina hasn’t voted for a Democratic candidate since 1976, and that’s only because it was Jimmy Carter, who was the governor of Georgia, their next door neighbor. Both state legislatures are majority Republican, however. The North Carolina General Assembly and South Carolina General Assembly are pretty dang similar. North Carolina has 50 Senators and 120 members of its House, whereas South Carolina has 46 Senators and 124 members of its House. Some state laws are noticeably different in the two states. The fireworks laws are much more lenient in South Carolina. North Carolina has decriminalized marijuana use and possession a bit, and will most likely legalize it before South Carolina does. Although it was really difficult to research taxes in both states, I’ve determined South Carolina as a lower tax burden overall. The most noticeable difference is that gas is cheaper in South Carolina due to a much smaller gas tax. Sales taxes start lower in North Carolina compared to South Carolina, but counties and cities often add their own sales taxes on top of it. North Carolina seems to have a more promising economic future compared to South Carolina. According to Forbes magazine, it’s the number one state for new businesses. But both are rocking, with similar unemployment rates and job growth rates. Both states have identical poverty rates. The cost of living is pretty similar, too, although it’s slightly more expensive in North Carolina, especially if you move to Asheville. What the heck, Asheville? I mean, are you really that cool?More than any other two states I’ve compared so far, North Carolina and South Carolina have much more in common than they have differences. Both are exciting places right now as they look to continue growing thanks to all those dang Midwesterners and Northerners moving to them. But that’s what happens when you’re awesome. You attract people.


  • Mr. Beat
    Mr. Beat  a years ago+334

    Which is better? North Carolina or South Carolina?

  • snowangelnc
    snowangelnc a years ago+980

    I remember celebrating the 4th of July as a kid in North Carolina. Whenever you heard the words "I got these in South Carolina" you knew the fireworks were going to be good.

  • Peter Foote
    Peter Foote 11 months ago+587

    As a person living in North Carolina so close to South Carolina, once you cross the border you can tell there is a difference

  • Curtis Flefingshire
    Curtis Flefingshire 6 months ago+205

    North Carolina is better because we have Mr. Beast

  • Tiffany Sullivan
    Tiffany Sullivan 1 months ago+96

    I have lived in the Triad area of NC all my life, and I can confirm, we are all jealous of SC’s clearly superior fireworks.

  • Mollie Andersen
    Mollie Andersen a years ago+463

    I’m from NC and it’s insane how many people are moving in. They constantly say we are so nice but the complain we are not like the north.

  • Michael Timpson
    Michael Timpson 11 months ago+176

    You left out higher education and the research triangle. Pretty major difference.....

  • Ten8yp
    Ten8yp 11 months ago+149

    South Carolina also does not require vehicle inspections! However the roads in SC are NOTICEABLY worse than in NC.

  • G Star
    G Star 11 months ago+129

    I'm of Cuban descent but born and raised in Charlotte. Moved to the rural mountains of NC 15 years ago and will never leave this beautiful area.

  • Lindsey
    Lindsey 1 months ago+33

    You know when you drive into SC because as soon as you cross the border the roads get considerably worse

  • Nick Akers
    Nick Akers a years ago+105

    I’m from North Carolina, I have to admit our neighbors to the South have some interesting history, and frankly Charleston is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve been to. I also think they’ve managed to retain their culture a little better than N.C. You really have to go into the sticks here to see some down home North Carolina life. With that being said, you have bigger cities in North Carolina, with major national events, high end shopping, sporting events, restaurants, etc. Both states compliment eachother well, and while I don’t mind paying a little more for gas to have nice roads, I’ll always get me some South Carolina gas when I go to Carowinds (only amusement park to be in two states), or to see my granny in York County.
    -Nick from the REAL Queen City.

  • Carson Andrijanoff
    Carson Andrijanoff a years ago+112

    I mean yeah, Asheville is that cool, but the people that made us cool have been priced out of the housing market by the HOARDS of Floridians moving here.

  • Juliani Marmol
    Juliani Marmol 1 months ago+39

    Wow NC.
    Creator of Pepsi
    Mr beast lives here
    Made planes
    Great Mountains
    Good homes :)

  • Donovan
    Donovan a years ago+403

    North Carolina for the win! NC has a better and growing upper middle class tech population. The Research Triangle.

  • Alexandra Smith
    Alexandra Smith 1 months ago+29

    Drive North on 85 to North Carolina from South Carolina.... You'll see the difference. NC is way nicer.

  • Henrey Eraser
    Henrey Eraser 1 months ago+27

    You missed a few facts, like how North Carolina was the last state to join the confederacy. And how the Wright brothers first flew in NC. Also, you missed the massive military presence in the Carolinas , I mean how can you miss Fort Bragg (Army, NC) and Paris Island (Marine, SC).

  • Helen Hines
    Helen Hines 1 months ago+41

    I love my home state NC. Triad represent. It's a great place to raise a family and is affordable for the most part. Rents are creeping up though...

  • a y a n c a l i g a c a l
    a y a n c a l i g a c a l 9 months ago+19

    There are so many freaking New Yorkers moving in to the east side of Charlotte, and that made housing prices get jacked up like crazy, but thankfully they are coming back down.

  • Fxv
    Fxv 21 days ago+9

    Anyone who says South Carolina is better is mentally challenged, NC GANG WHERE WE AT

  • Success Attractor
    Success Attractor 1 months ago+23

    I've been to 37 states, N&S Carolina are the best.