North Carolina and South Carolina Compared

  • Published on:  8/10/2018
  • Mr. Beat compares and contrasts North Carolina and South Carolina.

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    North Carolina and South Carolina

    Two bordering states, along the East Coast of these United States. Both in the American South. Anyway, let’s just start with the question...why are there two Carolinas? Why’d they have to be all separate and stuff?

    Both states are pretty religious, with Christianity dominating as the most popular religion in both. Protestant Christianity, in particular.
    In terms of politics, South Carolina is definitely more conservative-leaning. North Carolina has become a swing state for presidential elections in recent years, while South Carolina hasn’t voted for a Democratic candidate since 1976, and that’s only because it was Jimmy Carter, who was the governor of Georgia, their next door neighbor. Both state legislatures are majority Republican, however. The North Carolina General Assembly and South Carolina General Assembly are pretty dang similar. North Carolina has 50 Senators and 120 members of its House, whereas South Carolina has 46 Senators and 124 members of its House.

    Some state laws are noticeably different in the two states. The fireworks laws are much more lenient in South Carolina. North Carolina has decriminalized marijuana use and possession a bit, and will most likely legalize it before South Carolina does. Although it was really difficult to research taxes in both states, I’ve determined South Carolina as a lower tax burden overall. The most noticeable difference is that gas is cheaper in South Carolina due to a much smaller gas tax. Sales taxes start lower in North Carolina compared to South Carolina, but counties and cities often add their own sales taxes on top of it.

    North Carolina seems to have a more promising economic future compared to South Carolina. According to Forbes magazine, it’s the number one state for new businesses. But both are rocking, with similar unemployment rates and job growth rates.

    Both states have identical poverty rates. The cost of living is pretty similar, too, although it’s slightly more expensive in North Carolina, especially if you move to Asheville. What the heck, Asheville? I mean, are you really that cool?
    More than any other two states I’ve compared so far, North Carolina and South Carolina have much more in common than they have differences. Both are exciting places right now as they look to continue growing thanks to all those dang Midwesterners and Northerners moving to them. But that’s what happens when you’re awesome. You attract people.