ITZY "WANT IT?" Dance Practice



  • Chicharon ni Mina
    Chicharon ni Mina 3 months ago+2786

    They lied when they said Yeji and Chaeryeong are the main dancers.

  • αииιкα 549
    αииιкα 549 2 months ago+2814

    Jyp is really the company full of dancing machines...

  • 101 Studio
    101 Studio 2 months ago+1930

    "hot like a lava, fresh like havana"
    I stan a hot Center Queen ❤️💜

  • Boipren Awak
    Boipren Awak 2 months ago+895

    This is a new kind of dance genre. I mean, it is not typical korean dance but it looks so definely perfect. I love how every each of them executes the dance move in a very sharp and specific manner. They are all the main dancers in the group. Wow, i am impressed!

  • princee biswal
    princee biswal 2 months ago+1995

    New k-pop trending
    ITZY's ponytail. Iconic hair style

  • Kpop Stuff
    Kpop Stuff 2 months ago+998

    Easily one of the best dancing Kpop female group..

  • Lost Hooman
    Lost Hooman 2 months ago+799

    Ryujin moves is so cleEeAaan and SmoOoth and sharrRp etc. ikkenat ur killin' it bae;<

  • j Walko
    j Walko 2 months ago+107

    Why is nobody talking about just how Demanding this choreo is?? I mean, the rhythm, the crazy high intensity of the dance, the footwork, the details in the hand movements alone, That's so much precision work!! Plus the fact that the choreo doesn't seem to slow down at literally any point, it only gets faster and more intense with each passing second?? It's also not really that repetitive which makes it even more difficult to memorise, it requires ultra high focus all the time to stay in formation and not get lost in the steps, i mean, it's a Killer. and yet they make it look so enjoyable and graceful, and they perform it while SINGING, and they're so in sync it's almost Terrifying but in a good way. Monster rookies, and it's just their debut era, I'm both in awe and in love

  • Farah Fatika
    Farah Fatika 2 months ago+186

    OMG! Ryujin so fleksibel

  • jungwoo's bae
    jungwoo's bae 3 months ago+3496

    we have a new group that all members are main dancers 🥺😣🥰
    edited : thank you for the likes omg 😣💓

  • Alysa Amni
    Alysa Amni 2 months ago+195

    i cant believe how clean ryujin moves. like i mean i knew she is a great dancer and other members are good too but i really cant get my eyes off her tho

  • Justin Dalton
    Justin Dalton 2 months ago+457

    All Hail to JYP for debuting the best Girl Groups!

  • Deanne Posadas
    Deanne Posadas 2 months ago+251

    Ryujin's moves are so clean wtaf she is not human

  • Sakura's Friend
    Sakura's Friend 2 months ago+222

    Ryujin's shining time💗
    I hope next comeback is her era👑🌸 Ryujin~😻💜

  • Doha gaming
    Doha gaming 2 months ago+329

    Finally chaeryoung and my mother RYUJIN got the attention they deserved!

    RYUJIN NATION 2 months ago+314

    my gal ryujin showing off her clean and sharp movessss 😍💙

  • prettyxx daisly
    prettyxx daisly 2 months ago+92

    Ryujin really enjoy herself while dancing 🖤💃🔥

  • Blank _07
    Blank _07 2 months ago+93

    i really love how ryujin dances ❤️

  • Shamara Park
    Shamara Park 3 months ago+1412

    Do you love ITZY ?

  • Tommy Cricco
    Tommy Cricco 2 months ago+120

    I would just like to say that I am a Blackjack and I never thought there could be another girl groups out there that could fill the void for me when 2NE1 broke up but then ITZY came along. These young ladies are amazing. For me they kind of remind me of 2NE1 with their playful yet strong attitudes.With the beauty of the ladies of MissA and the fierceness of 4minute...I hope they are around for a long time to come❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️